"How to delete a banner, without sending SMS"

"How to delete a banner, without sending SMS"

During the work on the Internet on your personal computer harmful files can get. They will block work of the operating system, to replace files and to abduct information. To cope with this problem, it is necessary to execute some operations.


1. This virus is called Trojan.Winlock. It gets on your personal computer together with other files which are downloaded from Internet resources.
To delete a banner, without sending the SMS message, it is necessary to visit the official site of the company - vendor of the antivirus software, for example, of Kaspersky (http://sms.kaspersky.ru/), Dr.Web (http://www.drweb.com/unlocker) or Eset NOD 32 (http://www.esetnod32.ru/.support/winlock/). Specify the text of the SMS message or the phone number to which demand to send SMS in the corresponding window. In reply you receive several versions of codes. Enter them into a banner window, and the virus will be deleted.

2. If any of the codes provided by the official sites of antivirus software did not approach, then it is necessary to use the software of LiveCD (http://www.freedrweb.com/cureit/?lng=ru) or Kaspersky Rescue Disk (http://www.kaspersky.ru/virusscanner). Write them on a blank disk. Insert it into the drive of your personal computer. Execute reset of the operating system. During start of OS the automatic program runtime will begin. It will scan virtual partitions of the hard drive and will delete all harmful files.

3. To delete a virus banner from a desktop, use system recovery. By means of hot key combination (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) cause "Task manager". In the appeared dialog box click "File" a drop-down list. Press the New Task (to Execute …) button. You will see a window of the command line. Enter the following command: %systemroot %\system32\restore\rstrui.exe. Specify a point of "rollback" and press Next. After completion of operation update the antivirus software and scan a system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team