How to earn from Textsale

How to earn from Textsale

The question of a possibility of earnings in network concerns many. Someone, having begun the business on the Internet, succeeded. And there are also those which could not find the niche, having completely been disappointed in such way to earn money. If you at the very beginning of path, there is a question: "With what to begin?". Begin with sale of articles at the TextSale exchange.


1. To begin to earn from TextSale, write article. Select a subject randomly, but you remember that it should be interesting to a big readership. For example, recently you bought the new camera and are very happy with the purchase. Here also tell about it in the article.

2. Publish the text in the Word program. This program is able to correct a part of gross errors and typos. The optimum size of article should be within 2000-2500 signs without spaces (check according to the menu "Service" - "Statistics"). Leave the written article for some time, and then attentively read it. Quite perhaps, you will see typos, grammatical errors, will correct style of article.

3. Get WMZ purse on WebMoney since all calculations at the TextSale exchange are carried out in this currency (1 WMZ an equivalent of $1). For this purpose visit the website WebMoney and, following simple instructions, install the program on the computer.

4. Visit the website and register. Registration at the exchange of articles according to the same data is carried out once therefore take it seriously. Surely look through rules of a system.

5. Log in under the login and the password. Find in a column the Sell Article point on the right. Attentively fill all fields. Do not ignore the Short Description field. His customer will see completely, and in article only the first 400 signs will be displayed. Press the Preview button.

6. In the opened window check whether correctly you filled all fields, whether the text is correctly displayed. Determine the cost of article at WMZ. For the first article you should not set very high price, but also it is not necessary to sell for kopeks too. At the beginning, yet there is no rating of your articles, it is quite enough to quote the price for the copyright within $1-1.5. Now your article is placed for sale. You can see it in the same column on the right, point "Articles (+ an edition, a photo, it is daring.)". Until it is sold, it can be edited: change the price, add the picture, delete article.

7. In addition to the earned money, for each sold article to you 1 point will be added to rating. If article is sold with a positive review of the buyer, 2 points are added to rating. But be attentive, return of article – minus of 6 points. Even worse - plagiarism, for it from 1 to 10 points can remove. And articles of the writer with negative rating are not visible to buyers. Therefore check your texts special programs for existence of plagiarism. The uniqueness of the text should be high (more than 85%).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team