How to fill out the biography

How to fill out the biography

At registration on some websites, for example dating sites, quite often it is required to fill out biographic data. Whether it is worth answering most honestly the questions posed and to open personal data, depends on your intentions further.


1. Attentively study the form offered you for writing of the autobiography. If it contains many questions of personal character which you would not like to answer, miss them. But if these fields are marked with an asterisk, then there is probably a footnote that they are obligatory to filling. In that case, it is better to stop registration on the website, than to specify incorrect data. In the subsequent process of communication with people you, quite possibly, should explain why you actually Masha but not Petya and other nuances.

2. If the biography comprises questions of your material prosperity, the amount of your salary and sources of possible collateral earnings, you should not disclose similar information if you, of course, are not on the website of the tax inspection.

3. Prick up the ears if in the biography on a dating site or other resource of entertaining character it is required to provide number and a series of your passport, bank account number and other confidential data. Their leak can bring you many efforts further.

4. Filling out the biography on one of social networks, write exactly so much how many it is necessary on a minimum for registration. An opportunity will be to add information in case of need at you always, and here with removal that there can be difficulties. Provide the personal photo or not is also your solution which you should approach with all share of responsibility.

5. If you fill out the biography for the website which is engaged in employment, your education, the previous experience, the general seniority, wishes to the new place of work should be its important points. The questions concerning marital status and the number of children are sometimes also important for some employers. In this case the success of your employment will depend on accuracy and truthfulness of information directly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team