How to index all pages of the website

How to index all pages of the website

Indexation by search engines is very important for web masters. It allows to increase resource traffic and also to get additional profit for sale of links. However to achieve indexation of all pages of a resource quite not easy.

Create a site map. If you use engines, then the simplest path is to download a plug-in which automatically will generate it and will update after emergence of new pages. If you created the static website without engine, then the site map needs to be created independently or by means of special services. It is possible to find the complete list of recommendations from search engines in the Internet. In particular, it is better to do the card in the XML format and to place in a root folder.

Further it needs to be added to panels of the web master of different PS. This action is carried out in couple of clicks and represents nothing difficult. The card will allow search engines to know about all pages which are present at your website, to define criteria of their importance and also location in network structure.


Not reference methods


To index all old records, they can be added manually through special service in the web master's tools. There are special programs which help to automate this process. However you should enter the CAPTCHA code manually. If you do not want to spend forces and for it, then use services of the websites like antigate.

The constant publication helps to increase the speed of indexation of new pages. Search engines are seen that content is often updated for you on a resource and much more often send the robot for check of updates. However it is not fast process. It is necessary to publish at least three months content daily, and it is better several times in day. Besides, in addition to the normal publication it is necessary to apply indexation acceleration methods.

Reference methods

You can use runs on the websites bookmarks. It will allow to achieve fast transition of the robot and the analysis of your pages. However this way lost the relevance over time and today is applied extremely seldom. Instead it is better to use social signals: posts on different social networks on which the link to the new page is located.

Good links allow to increase the number of pages in the index. They need to be bought from resources which are held in respect of search engines. As a rule, it is big portals with high rates of TIC, PR which often publish new content. It is optional to buy eternal exile, it is enough to get temporary on two-three of months.

Also internal relinking can increase an indeksiruyemost of pages. You need to place as much as possible references to other pages in the website. That is to connect articles with each other. It will allow the robot to pass quicker all pages of your resource and to enter them to base.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team