How to make the news website

How to make the news website

Creation of the news website – very labor-consuming and taking-away practically all free time occupation, but at the same time very profitable. Daily attendance of the news websites is at rather high level that gives additional opportunities for earnings on contextual advertizing. And the high quoting of news other city portals with reference to a source leads to rapid growth of indicators of TIC and PR.

It is required to you

  • The computer, continuous access in the Internet, money for payment of a domain name and a hosting.


1. Select a domain name and a suitable hosting for your website. The domain should be short, memorable and easily said. Domains in a zone perfectly will be suitable for these purposes. And they without problems are remembered by the Russian Federation because many good names are not engaged in this segment yet. Select a hosting taking into account that in half a year or year the attendance of your website will sharply increase and the server should cope with heavy loads. You do not stint a beautiful name and a reliable hosting – penny-wise and pound-foolish.

2. Select subject of the website. It can be devoted to regional, sports, political news, show business events, news of car market, weather, etc. The main thing that the subject was close and interesting to you first of all. If it seems to you that in 2 years you will lose interest in the selected subject, then to you it is not necessary and to begin. History remembers a set of excellent projects which perished only because at the author interest vanished.

3. Select the engine for the website. Install on a local hosting the most known CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, DLE, Livestreet, InstantCMS, etc.) and create on them draft copies of your resource. Evaluate all difficulties, shortcomings and advantages of the tried engines and stop the choice on the most convenient and relevant for you. It is very important step because if you select the fancy, but unclear engine, and further it is required to upgrade the website under needs of the user, then it is necessary to pay webmasters that those added in a system poll, a slider or the registration form. It is much better to know a resource and a development tool, for sure and to be sure that any arisen task will be solved.

4. Regularly fill the website with content. Do not copy news from the main news portals at all. First, if all articles are completely copied, then it will lower your website in positions of search delivery up to a full departure. Secondly, it is considered copyright infringement and if to put down the reference to the source under each news, then the value of such news resource comes down to zero. Do rewriting of each news and use key phrases. If you have no time for it, then it is necessary to employ the copywriter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team