How to multiply articles

How to multiply articles

Now advance of the website articles is one of the main methods of promotion of the website. But competently to advance the website articles it is necessary to multiply articles so that one article appeared about 100-150 unique articles.


1. Take article, unique for search engines (it is possible to check for uniqueness article by means of the Advego Plagiatus program or just to take several offers from the beginning, the middle, the end of article and to insert them in quotes into if gives the report "Coincidence it is not found", so article is unique). Also try to pick up practically to each word in this article a synonym, and it is desirable not one, than more you will be able to pick up synonyms, especially qualitative and unique will be the multiplied articles.

2. From picked up by you such offer: ""The international Forex market was founded in 1976"". Substitute synonyms that the program could set up then correctly them in brackets, and we receive the following: {International | World } {currency | financial } the market {by Forex | Forex } {it was based | created } {on January 8, 1976 | in 1976 }. To it to a view provide all your article.

3. For reproduction of the ready model it is necessary to use the special program. At the moment the most popular programs for reproduction of articles are SEO Anchor Generator, MonkeyWrite and Allsubmitter. The principle of all these programs is identical. Just insert the prepared article for reproduction into the program and you click to generate.

4. After the program finishes the work, you receive the ready multiplied articles, or in one file all articles, or each article will be in the separate file, depending on the fact that you specified in settings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team