How to play soccer on the Internet

How to play soccer on the Internet

If you are an admirer of soccer and you have a personal computer, it is quite possible that you are familiar with different football simulators. The most popular of them – FIFA allows users to battle online.

It is required to you

  • - PC;
  • - simulator of FIFA


1. Buy a license game of FIFA. First, you thereby will save yourself from the majority of glitches which much in ""piracy"" versions, secondly, you will be able to play on the official server of the EA Sports company and, thirdly, will be able to play only with the rival who has just the same version of the FIFA. And if you have two different "piracy" versions of this game, it will hardly turn out to play. Therefore, you do not stint the license for a game of FIFA.

2. Connect unlimited Internet. If possibilities of your Internet will be limited, hardly you will fully be able to enjoy a game as very many megabyte of traffic eats one match. Also make sure that the speed of the Internet will allow to play matches networks. It is desirable that it exceeded 512 kbps. 256 kbps will be minimum allowable speed. Do not forget to check that the firewall allows a game of FIFA to go on-line.

3. Activate the disk. In the main menu select the Game on Network button. Further to you will suggest to enter the code from 20 characters. If the licensed version, but not piracy, then the code is available in a disk. After activation of a key it will be offered to you to register. Enter the nickname, the password and the e-mail address. After the done operation in the section "Game Modes" you select "The game modes online". It is the simplest to play "A fast rating match". You get to a window of a match and you select club for which you wish to play. If you do not select club, then you will play for the command standing at you by default (that command which you chose at registration). Further you can get acquainted with the rival – its country, the rating, the number of victories, defeats and a draw. You click the It Is Ready to a Game key and a successful match to you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team