How to play "The sea of words"

How to play "The sea of words"

Play to "The sea of words" online - a mini-game on the portal - only owners of the account on the website can. Come into the section "Games", then into category "Mini-games", select the necessary game. All game tables are separated on extent of training of players into levels from "school" to "academy". The first level will be suitable for a beginner. Try to select tables with rates and players who correspond to your experience, and use some councils hints.


1. The essence of the online game ""Sea of Words"" is in making a word of 7 letters which are given randomly. If you do not know a seven-alphabetic word, make the longest of possible options. A certain number of points is assigned to each letter - from 1 for often used letters, for example "and", "and", "with", and to 15 for the hard sign. A game goes to 5 rounds. Play ""The sea of words"" from 2 to 4 players can. The one who made the most wide words and with the most "expensive" letters by results of all courses wins.

2. Quicker to understand what word before you, use the Mix button. Letters will change the sequence, and it will be easier for you to find a solution. It is possible to stir thus letters an unlimited number of times. Each round lasts 1 minute in a simple game and 30 seconds in the accelerated option. In the right side of the game field there are hints. You can ask ready option or spot that your rivals made. To use hints, it is necessary to have gold coins on the account. Also you can increase round duration for 15 seconds for 1 gold if you do not manage to make a word. Some tables play ""The sea of words"" by the principle of fair play when it is impossible to use hints. When choosing rivals you will see the corresponding mark.

3. If the word does not come to your mind at once, make for a start any standing option not to leave a round with zero. Having made secure, you can quietly make the thought option. It is sometimes easier to find a word if to decide on its termination. Thus it is possible to make even words unfamiliar earlier or just quicker to find the correct option. You can be helped also by the return approach: if among letters there are such which enter widespread prefixes, most likely, the word begins with them. Look for a possible root. Won in ""The sea of words"" takes away bank. If on the first place 2 players, rates can be divided between them in a different way. The rate sum is raised from losers.

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