How to reduce the speed of the Internet

How to reduce the speed of the Internet

Speed of the Internet - static value before we begin to use it, it depends only on that, the channel of the operator of services of Internet access is how strongly loaded. We can influence it only if we will manipulate use priorities at the moment of time - we can slow down it or accelerate, proceeding from what processes use a communication link and what of them are not necessary now.


1. To reduce the speed of the Internet, to you, first of all, it is necessary to start a torrent, having exposed a priority of downloading to a maximum. Remember that the more files you at the same time swing and distribute, the more speed is spent for it, but not for web surfing, for example. In this case the web surfing will be given a speed minimum while the torrent swings from maximum.

2. Constantly load files from network, using as the download manager used by default in your browser, and starting the separate program which allows you to download files from the Internet. Keep in mind that when using a download manager the you will expose a bigger priority to the operating downloadings, the speed of your Internet will slow down more.

3. Open several windows in a row. In this case load of Internet connection will be maximum, and any window will not be able to be normally loaded. Thus, if you want to reduce as much as possible the speed of the Internet which you use now, it is necessary to start as much as possible processes of downloading as files, so Internet pages and to leave them in the background.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team