How to remove the filter on the website

How to remove the filter on the website

Most the companies control activity of the employees on the Internet. They keep logs of the sites which were visited during the working day and also block those websites which, according to them, should not be visited in working hours - social networks, the websites with video and entertaining content. However there are several ways to bypass the ban on visit of these websites.


1. The simplest and convenient in use is use of the Opera mini browser. This browser was initially developed for mobile phones. The principle of its action is very simple: information requested by the user is transferred to the server, contracts to twenty percent from initial volume and is sent to the user. All information passes through the proxy server, that is in logs not the address of the requested website, but the website will be saved. The browser is written on java therefore to use, it is necessary to use java the emulator.

2. Also, you can use the websites which provide services of data compression before opening. It is possible to carry to their pluses that functionality almost same, as well as at Opera mini, but at the same time they do not require installation from them and can open the websites necessary to you, without saving their address in an address bar. Minuses - the fact that well they will work only if you pay the subscription on paid use, otherwise you should wait in line of loading of the page indefinitely.

3. At last, you can use anonymizers. These websites provide service of substitution of the address of the final website. In order that to use them, enter into the search string ""anonymizer"" then follow any link. For example, on it is enough to you to enter into the address bar located on the website, the address to which you want to pass and also to select the proxy server which you want to use. It is possible to carry to minuses of this service that access to the website and is paid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team