As the first passed Twitter wedding

As the first passed Twitter wedding

The ceremony of Twitter wedding was held on September 4, 2012 in Turkey. The action took place online, the official in turn asked the groom and the bride whether they wish to enter a legal marriage. Newlyweds agreed to it.


The wedding action took place in one of restaurants of Istanbul in the presence of several hundred guests. Newlyweds answered all questions of the official in the affirmative and in spite of the fact that he sat next, in detail fixed communication in the microblogs.

The groom - Cengizhan Çelik - is engaged in representations in social networks of a news resource. He perfectly understands Internet resources and is a professional blogger. His bride - Candan Canik - on the contrary, the beginner on Twitter. These records about marriage became a debut in its Internet blog.

Newly married were placed on beautifully decorated bench, near them put two computers, and behind placed the big monitor that it was convenient to guests to watch the events. After consent Chingizkhana and Dzhandan Moustapha Cara, the mayor of the area, handed to newlyweds the traditional certificate confirming marriage. In addition to new spouses and the mayor, in restaurant there were hundreds of invited.

All process of a wedding the groom and the bride did not get up, rose only after obtaining the certificate and exchange of rings to congratulate each other a kiss, and then to hold a photoshoot and to join other guests. Celebration continued a feast and dances. The new husband and the wife are going to surprise further users of social networks with unusual records. For example, in the near future in plans of young people to arrange a honeymoon online with the description of important points in blogs by each spouse.

In the history of Twitter it is the first wedding, however in 2008 online it was already made offer hands and hearts. In 2012 in Tula there was a ceremony similar Turkish. Newlyweds fixed in microblogs on Twitter each step, at the same time they posted a photo and video, and users of the website could leave at once the comments, state wishes and express congratulations. Twitter was very necessary and useful resource, time to it is possible to connect the loving hearts.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team