How to remove the password from network

How to remove the password from network

For creation of own wireless network usually use routers or routers. But for economy of means it is possible to manage also Wi-Fi the adapter supporting creation of wireless access point.

It is required to you

  • - Wi-Fi adapter.


1. Get suitable Wi-Fi the adapter. Usually these devices are connected or to the computer USB connector, or to PCI slot located on the motherboard. Select that option which will suit you.

2. Connect the adapter bought Wi-Fi to the computer. Remember that USB adapters can be used even with laptops. Install the drivers delivered complete with the equipment. Surely install the program necessary for setup of the adapter.

3. Reboot and start this program. Select the mode operation of the Soft+AP device (Wireless access point). Come into settings of parameters of access point. Specify its SSID (Name). Select safety type. For creation of network without password specify type of authentication Open.

4. Usually such networks create for cafe or offices. It will facilitate connection of new devices in wireless access point. If you need to protect the network from penetration of other users, then configure settings of valid devices.

5. Turn on your laptops or netbooks. Wait for loading of Windows. Now pass into the Start menu and select the Execute item. Or just click the Win and R keyboard shortcut.

6. In the opened window enter the cmd command and click the ENTER key. The menu of the command line will open. Make the ipconfig/all team and click the ENTER key. Find parameters of the adapter of wireless communication. Now write out value of the line "Physical address". It will be 12 characters separated by a hyphen.

7. Repeat similar operation for definition of the MAC addresses of other devices. Now open the menu of settings of the connected equipment on the computer host. Add the written-out MAC addresses to the white list. Save operation parameters of the adapter of a wireless network. Include internet connection sharing for your access point Wi-Fi.

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