What is weapon in KS

What is weapon in KS

The superpopular Counter-Strike online shooter persistently does not hand over positions from the moment of the output in 2004, being constantly complemented and changing. Undoubtedly, one of the main features of "Contra" is the wide arsenal of weapon individual for each of warring groupings.

It is required to you

  • - computer
  • - computer game of Counter-Strike (any series)


1. Having appeared in a game, open shop and look at contents, available to you. Open the section "guns". Before you, depending on the selected party of a game, will appear:

Glock 18 – the main gun of terrorists differing in big shop, a possibility of firing by queues and small destructive power.

HK USP – the main gun of special troops having the muffler. Being selected with high accuracy and knockdown ability, has insufficiently big holder.

Desert Eagle is an exact, lethal and long-range gun whose essential shortcomings are the low rate of fire and small quantity of cartridges in a holder.

Beretta 92 – two guns in hands which provide the high rate of fire and a large supply of cartridges. Payment for it is very long recharge and low accuracy of firing.

2. After that, open the section "shot-guns". There you will see only two copies:

Benelli M3 – differs in the high penetrative force, but recharge duration.

Benelli XM – on the contrary, shoots with a speed of a gun and is quickly recharged, but the knockdown ability is much weaker than at previous.

3. Then open the following section - "submachine guns".

MAC-10 and TMP – actually identical samples of "ultrasonography" weapon. Differ in the high rate of fire and efficiency against enemies without armor. At the same time firing accuracy from them is low, and return is high that does them effective only at collision in an emphasis.

MP5 – the best submachine gun on a ratio the price - accuracy-destructive power.

P90 – its feature is the mad rate of fire and big shop that just allows to sweep away enemies fire. Unfortunately, its price – one of the highest.

4. Having passed into the section "assault rifles", you will see:

FAMAS – the few advantages of which are the low price and rather high accuracy.

Galil – favourite by terrorists for capacious shop, quite good accuracy and good destructive power.

M4A1 – the main weapon of special troops capable to silent firing combining high characteristics and the appropriate price.

AK-47 - favourite weapon of terrorists. Differs in high knockdown ability and predictable dispersion that does this submachine gun by terrible weapon in skillful hands.

AUG – M4A1 analog, only with the riflescope and higher price

5. Click on the penultimate section "sniper rifles" and to you will open:

AWP – the most expensive and powerful rifle in a game, available to both parties. Its shortcoming is the small quantity of wearable cartridges.

Scout – the cheapest and easy rifle effective at long ranges against opponents with automatic machines.

SG-550 and G3/SG-1 – being rifles with capacious shop and high speed of firing for which the low accuracy became payment.

6. Open the last section "machine guns" and pay attention to the one and only representative of this type of weapon:

M249 - very expensive and lethal machine gun, with the low rate of fire and the biggest penetrative force in a game. Because of unpredictable dispersion of bullets, effectively it can be used only by experienced players.

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