3 amazing recipes of creams for a biscuit

3 amazing recipes of creams for a biscuit

Cakes and cakes are considered as obligatory attribute of a tozhestvo. And the biscuit pastries decorated with tasty cream can become "nail" of a holiday table. Usually biscuits impregnate with an oil, sour or proteinaceous cream. But using various additives and food colors, it is possible to diversify recipes of the main creams indefinitely, every time surprising and pleasing guests and relatives.

Lemon cream

For preparation of lemon cream it will be required:

- 150 g of a desi; - 1 glass of granulated sugar;

- 1 lemon; - 1 egg. First of all, drench few times a lemon with abrupt boiled water, detaining him every time in boiled water one minute. With the long handle pour granulated sugar into a low saucepan, hammer egg and put a desi. Grate lemon zest on a small grater and squeeze out from it juice. Try that lemon stones didn't get to cream, and juice the maximum quantity was squeezed out. Add fresh lemon juice and a dried peel to a pan with other ingredients and put it on small fire, stirring slowly with contents. You hold on silent fire before full dissolution of granulated sugar. After that remove from fire and let's lemon cream cool down.

If in this recipe to replace a lemon dried peel and juice with a teaspoon of instant coffee, not less tasty creme de cafe which can also be used at preparation of sponge cakes will turn out.

Fruit sour cream

To make a fruit sour cream for a biscuit, it is necessary to take the following components: - 500 g of fat sour cream; - 1 glass of granulated sugar; - 1-2 glasses of strawberry or raspberry; - vanillin. Connect sour cream to granulated sugar and well shake up by means of the mixer, the blender or a nimbus. Wash up fresh strawberry or raspberry, dry and knead a fork. Then add berry puree and vanillin to the shaken-up sour cream. Once again carefully mix everything. If cream is prepared in the winter, then it is possible to use fresh-frozen berries (strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant) or berries wiped with sugar. In this case granulated sugar isn't added to cream.

Jelly cream

For preparation of gentle dairy cream with gelatin it is required: - ½ l of milk; - 300 g of granulated sugar; - 20 g of gelatin; - 4 eggs; - 1 lemon; - 600-800 g of raspberry, strawberry or cherries. In advance, hour for 2-3 prior to cooking, fill in gelatin (about 4 teaspoons without top) with 100 milliliters of milk and leave to bulk up. After this time boil 400 milliliters of milk (it is slightly more than 1 ½ glass) with 200 grams of sugar. Add to hot milk bulked up gelatin and stir before its full dissolution. Pound 4 vitelluses with 100 grams of granulated sugar until white then pour 2 tablespoons of flour with top and mix with a yolk weight so that there were no lumps. Then connect to milk, pouring in small portions in milk in yolk and flour weight and carefully stirring, the uniform mix won't turn out yet. Then add to it 4 proteins shaken up in abrupt foam and the grated small lemon dried peel. Carefully mix the prepared cream and let's it stand 10-15 minutes for solidification. Collecting a sponge cake, on each cake layer put fresh or tinned berries (they need to be wrung out slightly previously that juice or syrup flew down and to dry a little a napkin), and from above apply cream on berries.

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