Advantage of a garden cress

Advantage of a garden cress

The garden cress is loved by summer residents for what keeps up before other vegetable cultures. Greens are vitamin-rich, minerals and cellulose, most often it is used for preparation of salads. As the plant is absolutely unpretentious, it is grown up even on windowsills, delivering thereby all the year round fresh greens to a table.

Useful properties of a garden cress

The plant is vitamin-rich also minerals, cellulose, essential oils, alkaloids, glycosides and various mineral substances. The high content of all number of vitamin B allows a garden cress to normalize a condition of nervous system, to leave softly stressful states and a depression.

Eating this plant, you help the organism to normalize process of digestion and to level blood pressure.

Contents in a garden cress of a number of carotene, vitamins A, E, PP, B positively influences an optic nerve of an eye, strengthens an eyeball. As prevention from a cataract the doctors recommend to a thicket to include salad in a food allowance.

In the medical purposes the garden cress is used as diuretic at severe hypostases, at mastopathy and oncology as prophylactic, as medicinal bandages at acne rash, dandruff. The high content in lettuce leaves of iodine helps to support at the regular use normal work of a thyroid gland. In combination with other vegetables and even fruit the garden cress helps to get rid easier of excess fatty deposits during diets as quickly sates an organism, and caloric content has very low. In cosmetology apply oil and tinctures from a garden cress to face skin and hair care. The extract from this plant is a part of anti-inflammatory masks and serums.

The rejuvenating face pack from a garden cress

For preparation will be required: - gruel from garden cress leaves – 2 tablespoons; - curdled milk – 2 tablespoons. For receiving gruel the lettuce leaves need to be washed out properly and then to pound in a mortar. Take necessary amount of the received gruel, add to it curdled milk, to carefully mix structure and put it on a face. Hold a mask of 10 minutes and then remove it, having washed away warm water. Further it is possible to rub off a face an ice cube or to rinse skin colder water. Such mask will help face skin to become impregnated with vitamins, to remove puffiness and to give to the face a fresh and healthy look. Greens of a garden cress are widely used in cookery as fresh, and as a part of various soups, stuffings for pies, seasonings to snack and hot dishes. Slightly bitterish spicy smack of a plant bears a faint resemblance to taste of horse-radish, only more gentle. Combining lettuce leaves with sweet-sour fruit, it is possible to receive magnificent light meal which is quite good for giving to fish or meat.

Green salad

For preparation of this cold appetizer it will be required to you: - a garden cress – 100 g; - a kiwi – 2 pieces; - avocado – 1 piece; - arugula – 70 g; - a lemon – ½ pieces; - natural honey – 1 tsp; - pine nuts – 1/3 articles; - The "French" mustard with a whole grain – 1 tsp; - olive oil – 30 ml. Leaves of a garden cress and arugula need to be washed out and dried carefully, then to tear hands and to place in a bowl for salad. Fruits of avocado and a kiwi should be cleaned from a thin skin. From avocado to take out a kernel and to cut a fruit in small cubes. The kiwi can be cut at first circles, and then to cut on several parts. A fruit of a lemon it is necessary to wash out, rub off and remove a little dried peel by means of a small grater (1 h l). Then it is necessary to cut a lemon in half and from one part to squeeze out juice in a separate pan. It is necessary to add a mustard spoon with integral kernels to the same bowl and the kindled natural honey, to mix properly sauce, then to add to it olive oil and once again properly to mix. The green salad needs to be strewed with the peeled pine nuts and to fill with sweet-sour hot sauce. It is possible to serve snack together with meat or fish.

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