Advantage of sweet cherry for health

Advantage of sweet cherry for health

Smooth, brilliant, elastic, incredibly tasty bird's cherry or sweet cherry pleases children and adults with the emergence at the beginning of summer. Than this berry is good? Whether sweet cherry is useful to health or pleasure from taste – all this that can be received.

The advantage of sweet cherry is obvious to health and is expressed in the following:

If daily to eat a half-glass of sweet cherry, the dream is normalized, nervous system calms down. Melatonin – the hormone which is responsible in an organism for biological rhythms and regulation of a dream in this berry contains in enough.

Sweet cherry helps to support skin in good condition as actively brings hazardous substances out of an organism. The masks prepared from berry pulp promote skin rejuvenation. Skin diseases (psoriasis, acne rash, eczema) recede under the pressure of army of useful substances of sweet cherry.

It is useful to consume sweet cherry that who leads active lifestyle. It promotes fast restoration of an organism and completion of energy after physical activities since comprises natural sugar.

The advantage of sweet cherry for digestion is known long ago. This berry contains a lot of cellulose that promotes digestion of food and clarification of intestines.

The people suffering from anemia should make a choice for sweet cherry as it contains a lot of iron. The flavonoids and carotinoids which are in sweet cherry prevent formation of blood clots and help strengthening of walls of vessels.

Dark sweet cherry has polyphenols and anthocyans in structure. It the substances which are well affecting memory state, strengthening work of a brain and interfering its aging.

Sweet cherry – children's berry as B1, B2, B3, C vitamins and carotene are necessary for the growing organism for formation of teeth and bones. The child will receive all these substances, using enough is fresher than some sweet cherry.

By means of this berry it is possible to normalize arterial blood pressure because potassium as a part of sweet cherry doesn't allow to accumulate liquids in an organism. One handful of sweet cherry of dark red color a day will provide light diuretic effect.

The advantage of sweet cherry for health of women consists in ability of berry to influence production of melanin – a dark pigment. Beautiful, uniform suntan is guaranteed to beauties who include sweet cherry in the diet.

Nervous system of the people who are regularly consuming sweet cherry in food becomes stronger, the mood improves. And all this thanks to the silicon acid which is contained in this berry. The alternative to chocolate is found!

The huge amount of antioxidants puts sweet cherry on an equal basis with other prophylactics in oncology.

It is important to the people having gout, arthrosis, rheumatism to reduce pain. The advantage of sweet cherry in this case is obvious as this berry has analgesic effect.

Cherry juice is rich with vitamin C, it helps at cough (promotes a phlegm otkhozhdeniye) and high temperature. This known folk remedy against catarrhal diseases.

Sweet cherry - berry low-calorie therefore the person interested to lose weight, it is useful to eat a sweet cherry handful before food – both an organism will be sated, and extra kilos won't appear.

The advantage of sweet cherry consists in decrease in level of cholesterol in blood and improvement of a metabolism in an organism.

Normalization of work of kidneys, reduction of hypostases are a consequence of consumption of fresh sweet cherry.

People with big acidity in a stomach can safely regale on this tasty berry since it doesn't cause heartburn.

Thus, it is difficult to overestimate advantage of sweet cherry for health therefore with arrival of summer it is necessary to manage to combine business with pleasure – to gorge on this great berry much and to saturate an organism with vitamins and minerals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team