As it is possible to make haricot

As it is possible to make haricot

Haricot suits the people seeking to lose weight and not eating animal food. Bean for a long time satisfy feeling of hunger. Knowing several simple recipes, it is possible to prepare tasty and useful haricot dishes.

Bean soup

For preparation of soup use a glass of any haricot, color doesn't matter. Touch it, deleting bad fruits, and wet for the night in water. Next day cast away bean on a sieve in the morning, shift in a pan and fill in 1 l of pure liquid. Put on the maximum fire when water begins to boil, switch a plate to a minimum. Cut 2 potatoes into cubes and in 50 minutes of cooking add to haricot.

Salt soup to taste. Crush a bulb, carrots and fry vegetables on 15 g of the kindled desi. When potatoes become soft, add stewed ingredients and 15 ml of tomato paste to a pan. Add fire, after boiling of liquid remove soup. Pour in plates, powder with the crushed greens and fill with a sour cream spoon. Remove the remained soup after cooling in the fridge.

Haricot cutlets

Haricot cutlets taste like meat. For their preparation fill in a glass of haricot with water and leave for the night. Change liquid in the morning and you cook bean until ready. During this time soak 80 g of white loaf in warm water. Put the cooked haricot, the bread which is wrung out from excess liquid, the bulb cut on 4 parts, egg, 2 garlic gloves, spices in a bowl of the blender to taste and greens branches. Process ingredients in forcemeat, pour a sifted flour that weight didn't collapse. On the frying pan heated with oil spread the created cutlets. When on the one hand they get a brown crust, turn on another and fry until ready. You store the remained cutlets in the fridge.

Bean sauce

You can make sauce of purchased tinned white beans in own juice or from boiled in house conditions. Bean lay out in a sieve when liquid flows down, shift it in the blender, add 300 g of sunflower oil, 7 g of prepared mustard, on 4 g of salt and sugar, 20 ml of lemon juice. Process in homogeneous dense mass. Taste sauce and as necessary add some spice. Remove in the fridge and give chilled to various dishes.


Wet for the night 500 g of red beans in a large amount of water. Change liquid in the morning and put a pan on fire. In 1 hour 45 minutes pour salt and you cook 5 more minutes. Cut small into cubes a bulb, a small sweet pepper corn and grate carrots. On the warmed fat fry vegetables to softness. Add 50 g of ground walnuts and 20 ml of tomato paste. A minute later lay out ready haricot, the crushed garlic glove, powder a dish with spices and fragrant grasses to taste. In 5 minutes remove lobio from fire. Haricot cooks long to facilitate to itself work always kill her for the night. Prepare bean in advance, from such ingredient it is possible to make many various goodies.

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