As to the man to eat

As to the man to eat

Today interests men and also their careful soulmates as to the man to eat that he always remained strong and healthy. The men's diet is very important for health of muscular and bone systems and also for appearance teeth, hair and, of course, potency. It is necessary to pay it the closest attention.

Healthy food will help men only if they find forces to get rid of such addictions as smoking and alcohol. Hazardous substances which are received at the same time by an organism worsen its protective properties and don't allow to receive enough nutrient and vitamin elements.

It is necessary to eat to the man not less than 4, and 5-6 times a day in the moderate portions are better. The portion of the accepted protein has to make not less than 1.5-2 g on 1 kg of body weight, and carbohydrates – are 2-4 times more. It is especially important to watch for these men who strongly do sports.

Important battery of men is the timeliness of acceptance of food. It is impossible to miss the main receptions at all – a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. At the same time it is better to eat at the same time. If an opportunity to eat normally to the man is absent from work, it is necessary to be accustomed to take the prepared dishes. The loving wives should draw the closest attention to it if they want their husbands to remain healthy and happy.

At a diet of the man there have to be surely fresh fruit and vegetables. For example, such culture as carrots which contains vitamin A helps to maintain potency. Vitamin C which contain spinach, pepper, cabbage, currant, a citrus, a kiwi and a dogrose is considered one more regulator of potency. As for a proteinaceous basis, the man is recommended to eat red and light meat (it is desirable without fat layer) and also bean. Surely buy a dairy products, without them it will be difficult to keep muscles, teeth and hair in a healthy state.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team