Characteristic of a complex protein of Syntha-6

Characteristic of a complex protein of Syntha-6

Syntha-6 is one of three patented proteinaceous mixes of the BSN company and enjoys wide popularity. The complex differs in good taste, a set of interesting properties and advantages. In this review it will be a question of features of Syntha-6 and the reasons of its popularity.

Structure of BSN Syntha-6

The protein complex received the name from 6 various sources of protein and the amino acids which are a protein basis. Are a part:

  • calcium caseinate;
  • isolate (isolate) of a protein serumal;
  • serumal protein (concentrate);
  • egg white;
  • micellar alpha and - beta caseins and caseinates;
  • concentrate of protein of milk.

Each of these sources of protein has unique advantages therefore their use in one product is ideal. Here unite fast release of serumal protein with slow activation egg and casein; together they provide the steady organization of delivery of protein to muscles. It is one of the main differences of a complex from other structures.

Whether you know? The term protein comes from Greek proteios and designates leading, primary.

The power value of Syntha-6 is 200 kcal, including fats of 50 kcal. The size of 1 measured spoon – 47 g. Contents of one container – 97 portions.

Are present at structure (in 100 g of a product):

Chemical composition of Syntha-6

The name macro - or a microcell

Contents in 100 g of a product

% of standard daily rate


22 g


fats, from them saturated:

6 g 2 g

9 10

carbohydrates, from them mix of complex carbohydrates (cellulose)

15 g 5 g

5 20


2 g




300 mg



220 mg














Features of a protein

Syntha-6 – one of the most effective and popular sports proteinaceous additives. It is nutritious and functional and also is a valuable source of irreplaceable amino acids, fatty acids and celluloses. The complex is considered one of the most tasty in sports food. It is delivered in 10 various tastes. The majority of proteinaceous additives are presented at the market by mixes of serum or isolate of protein with addition of artificial color and fragrance. Syntha-6 differs from them in what contains the components which are slowing down digestion process.

It allows to support the level of amino acids in an organism in a stable state. Thanks to the steady level of amino acids in blood, process of extension of muscles goes to time of a training and throughout the day.

It is important! That protein additives gave the maximum effect, they should be combined with the correct mode of meal and effective trainings.

The used types of protein are also included in structure not accidentally: these are 6 different types on digestion and assimilation. So, caseinate of calcium is slowly digested protein, and a serumal concentrate – fast.

Together they provide uniform release of protein and its assimilation throughout the day. It is much more effective, than the large volume of proteins of one type of action which just will not manage to be acquired until removal from an organism. In case of disorder of intestines from an excess dose of protein, Syntha-6 developers included in an active formula digestive enzymes an aminogene (Aminogen®) and papain (Papain) which will facilitate digestion of protein and will prevent frustration.

Whether you know? The protein breaks up to amino acids which in turn form the proteins which are used in our organism. Scientists counted that the person contains about 100,000 various types of protein. Life expectancy of most of them makes two days or even less.

Advantages and shortcomings

Advantages of a complex:

  • effective combination of proteins;
  • product which can be applied to the wide range of the purposes;
  • one of the best tastes among protein complexes;
  • existence of 10 different tastes at choice;
  • perfectly is suitable for extension of muscles, prevention of aging of muscles, high arterial blood pressure, low level of testosterone and estrogen at men.

The complex has no shortcomings noticed by users. In some responses note the high cost of a complex.

Indications and contraindications

The complex belongs to universal and it is allowed to be accepted to all categories of athletes, both men, and women. But Syntha-6 is most useful to the following categories:

  • to beginners – for them such complex will become a push to the correct growth of muscle bulk;
  • to experienced athletes – them the complex helps to increase weight;
  • to the persons leading active lifestyle – the complex completely will provide an organism with enough protein; it is also very convenient if because of work at you wide intervals of time between meals.

Important! The amount of protein, ideal for an organism, is 1.8 g on each kilogram of body weight a day at normal physical activity.


In the description of a complex there are no direct contraindications to the use. But, despite the lack of documentary confirmed contraindications, the BSN company does not recommend to accept a complex if you have:

  • problems with kidneys – high consumption of protein can become the reason of stones in kidneys though the scientific research which is directly confirming this fact does not exist;
  • tendency to an excessive set of weight;
  • problems with digestion – it is especially important for persons with intolerance of lactose.

As it is correct to take the drug

Rules of the use of a complex following:

  1. Having woken up, you can take at once cocktail as at this particular time your organism needs a portion of fuel in order that day was active.
  2. During the training of a muscle work as a sponge, absorbing protein. Therefore you can drink Syntha-6 after the training.
  3. Acceptance of cocktail is capable to reduce negative effects for muscles to a training during the power trainings.
  4. You can drink cocktail in the evening before going to bed. Gradual release of proteins will provide you a quiet and healthy sleep.

Learn how it is correct to drink a protein.

According to the recommendations of BSN, it is necessary to accept a complex as follows:

  • men – 1–2 measured spoons;
  • women – 1 measured spoon.

Medicine is stirred with cold water. In day it is possible to take from 1 to 4 cocktails, depending on your needs for calories and proteins. For the best assimilation it is necessary to alternate firm and liquid food during the day. You can use Syntha-6 both to, and after the training. It can even just be accepted between your main meals. Accepting a complex, be guided by instructions on medicine packing.

How to distinguish a fake from the original

Fakes in the field of sports food are not something rare and unique. Therefore, choosing the supplier, pay attention to the next moments:

  • Syntha-6 is rather expensive medicine therefore if the price of the offered product is much lower than average on the market - it is definitely not the original, but a fake with doubtful structure;
  • the large companies never extend goods through social networks and very seldom work with network marketing;
  • the branded goods always have quality packing therefore the foiled membrane adjoins densely and exactly, it practically does not sag, the logo of the company is applied on it;
  • the cover and to bank is sealed up the hologram;
  • if you consider and recognize the smartphone the BAR code – it will issue the correct information on goods and producer.

We recommend to you to learn whether it is possible to use an overdue protein and also whether it is necessary to drink a protein for the night.

One of ways of fight against fakes is periodic change of design of packing or a form banks. This action large brands carry out time in several years. Therefore if you already bought Syntha-6, then could notice that 2 banks taken at random are absolutely identical. Originals can have no deviation in color, fonts, there are in a wrong way no pasted labels or crookedly applied paint. So, Syntha-6 – your reliable assistant in a set of muscle bulk. It is one of the best developments in sports food which result of action completely will satisfy you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team