Coffee without caffeine, or That such dekofeinizirovaniye

Coffee without caffeine, or That such dekofeinizirovaniye

When scientists established that caffeine is noxious to health, thousands of coffee-achievers on all to the world were inconsolable. But the coffee industry did not allow the fans to become despondent therefore beskofeinovy coffee — dekaf was invented. It kept the lion's share of advantages of this fragrant drink, but at the same time got rid of the main part of its shortcomings.

it is so harmless dekaf and that is behind this name — we will consider further in our article.

Whether there is it?

Actually completely it is impossible to get rid of caffeine in coffee beans: kind of cleaning was not carried out, all the same 5-10 mg of this substance remain. However you should not worry — at the same quantities alkaloid is present also at other drinks, for example, in harmless cocoa.

But, nevertheless, the dekofeinization is capable to remove the majority of molecules of caffeine in various ways about which producers are obliged to report on packings with products.

As coffee without caffeine turns out or What is a dekofeinization

There are several types of purification of coffee beans which differ among themselves with the cost of technology and safety for the further consumer. In certain cases producers save on the equipment, and the product which can do much harm to health as a result turns out.

Whether you know? The coffee tree lives on average 60-70 years.

Swiss method (Swiss Water)

This way of processing of coffee beans was developed in 1979, however still it is considered one of the most effective as it allows to remove 99.9% of caffeine.

The procedure in this case is very simple:

  • grains are filled in with water into which in the course of upholding pass alkaloids and aromatic oils;
  • then water passes through special filters, leaving on them caffeine;
  • the flavored purified liquid is returned to grains again and process repeats once again,

In terms of ecology this method the best, however it very expensive, and this factor affects the price of a ready dekaf.

Direct method

Often this way is called European or traditional as it was invented by the first.

Its technology is quite simple: at first grains presoak in hot water, after them lower in solvent to remove caffeine. Then raw materials are rinsed with boiled water and well dried up.

As solvent use methylene dichloride (which is also applied to processing of plastic, fats) or ethyl acetate (liquid on the basis of vinegar and alcohol).

Important! The main minus of this way also consists in solvent: regardless of what substance is used for caffeine elimination, it is completely impossible to wash up it from grains, a part of solvent all the same will remain as a part of coffee.

Indirect method

This method of processing is similar to direct, but has the characteristics.

In this case primary soaking of grains is carried out too, then there is a processing by solvent, but at the same time the taste and aroma of coffee remain. Thus carry out several cycles therefore the balance between water and composition of grains is leveled.

Thanks to it washing away of useful oils and vitamins from beans stops. This technology is more expensive traditional processing, but as a result and the products turn out more quality.

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Only extraction by carbon dioxide is comparable on quality with the Swiss method. The coffee beans processed by steam are placed in confinement with CO2 under pressure. Gas removes the maximum dose of caffeine, however untouched are oils which impact unique aroma and relish to drink. Besides, after such processing as a part of coffee there are no foreign impurity and chemicals so nothing threatens health of consumers.

Whether you know? The Amerikano coffee arose at the time of World War II. For the American military the European coffee was too strong therefore they diluted it with water.

Whether there is a harm?

Neither amateur coffee-achievers, nor researchers can still give the exact answer to this question.

Representatives of the American cardiological society on the basis of the conducted researches claim what dekaf does more harm to heart and vessels, than natural coffee. It is also noted that at drinking drink without caffeine cholesterol level in blood increases.

As far as these conclusions are right — will show time, however already now there are facts which testify in favor of a dekaf.

All pro in favor of coffee without caffeine

First of all, this drink will become rescue for those who do not represent the life without coffee, however badly transfers caffeine. It is possible to carry to other advantages of a dekaf:

  • activization of work of a brain thanks to what glucose is better acquired. It is especially useful the suffering diabetes, and such drink provides to healthy people prevention of this disease;
  • stimulation of work of digestive system;
  • weaker, in comparison with natural coffee, diuretic effect. Therefore at the use of a dekaf calcium and other useful substances are less washed away;
  • an opportunity to drink it in the evenings, having removed caffeine, producers deprive of some coffee of the invigorating effect;
  • normalization of pressure at hypertensive persons;

Important! The stronger sex is especially recommended to use dekaf — it is excellent prevention of prostatitis and gout.

  • protection of a liver. As a part of any kind of coffee there are special components of coffee oil which protect cells of a liver from toxic substance of an aflatoxin, without allowing it to get into body. And here other components of drink (kakhveol and kafestol) promote removal of already saved up slags.

Also scientists have reasons to believe that dekofeinizirovanny drink prevents appearance of tumors.

Norms of the use in day

Someone will think that there are no times of caffeine, it is possible to enjoy much taste of favourite drink, without limiting itself in quantity. But such coffee-achievers are expected by disappointment.

Despite the lack of caffeine, dekaf the crude version is used in the same norms, as — 2-4 cups a day depending on age and the state of health. Such restriction is connected with that, as without caffeine as a part of drink enough active components, overdose which will harmful affect an organism.

And whether it is possible

The question of the use of a dekaf requires special attention and approach if it is about young mothers and kids.

Whether you know? The main coffee-achievers of the planet live in Finland. This country is in the lead in the world ranking of fans of coffee: in day 5 cups of this fragrant drink are the share of the adult Finn.


To women who nurse children any doctor temporarily will recommend to refrain from any kinds of coffee. The fact is that even in the peeled drink there will be enough residues of caffeine to pose health hazard of the kid. Besides, there is never a guarantee that chemical solvents which were used when processing were completely removed from the final product. And, so they pose a potential threat for the baby too.

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To pregnant women

Pregnant women in this question were lucky more. Of course, physicians unanimously recommend to refuse this ambiguous drink during so responsible period of life as it can cause premature birth or an abortion.

However, if the woman does not represent the life without coffee, and her pregnancy proceeds within norm, then consumption of drink, but no more than 1 cup a day is allowed (rather weak).

To children

Dekaf, as well as usual coffee, it is impossible to give to children up to 7 years. Only with approach of this age 1 cup of times a month is allowed. Closer by 10 years it is possible to increase this number to 2-3 cups a month.

Important! At the same time drink surely has to be natural, move with sugar and, whenever possible, with milk which is capable to remove the most part of harm from coffee.

Even without caffeine in structure drink is still capable to cause accustoming that is unacceptable in this case.

How to make beskofeinovy coffee

At each skilled coffee-achiever it is obligatory to eat the crown recipe for this fragrant drink, but at the same time there is a certain operations procedure to which all adhere.

Requirements to water

The first of such actions — the choice or preparation of water for a dekaf.

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Experts have a number of criteria to which there has to correspond ideal water for coffee. But in house conditions everything is much simpler, it is enough to pay attention to the following factors:

  • water has to undergo filtration that in it there were no physical or chemical impurity which could affect its taste;
  • after cleaning, liquid should not have a smell;
  • the correct water is colourless and transparent.

Whether you know? Earlier in Turkey during a betrothal of the man promised to provide wives of coffee. If the promise was not observed, it could become a reason for a divorce.

Rules of preparation

Having the correct water, it is possible to start directly preparation. For one portion of drink it is necessary to take 180 ml of water and 10 g of coffee.

For a start we boil liquid. Closer by the time of boiling we send coffee beans to a grinding.

Slightly we cool boiled water within 1-2 minutes that temperature fell to level +90...+95 ºС, and then we fill in with it the processed coffee beans.

Let's drink infuse 3-4 minutes then it will be ready to the use.

Whether there is a caffeine in instant coffee?

Though instant coffee also differs in technology of preparation, however on its structure it is not displayed. Caffeine there initially is present, and even at much large numbers, than in ground.

The thing is that as raw materials for soluble drink use cheaper grade — robusta. In grains of this look much more caffeine alkaloid, than in arabica coffee which is used for ground coffee.

That soluble that ground dekaf all the same contain a certain share of caffeine, however, according to the global standards, the alkaloid share in a product cannot exceed 0.3%.

Learn about properties of substitutes of coffee — chicory, a magnolia vine, tea with ginger, chocolate, cocoa, green tea.

With caffeine or without: about advantages and shortcomings

Any scientist cannot still tell, what is better: dekaf or usual coffee. Side effects of the consumption of drink without caffeine are not studied finally yet.

It is proved definitively that nervous system feels far better, using the cleaned version. Caffeine influences adenosine — special substance in a brain of the person which is responsible for wakefulness. During the day it collects in an organism and when its quantity reaches the necessary level, the brain receives a signal that it is time to have a rest.

Important! However caffeine does adenosine invisible to a brain therefore the body continues to be awake, and the person does not feel fatigue.

Over time ignoring of fatigue by means of such methods can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Dekaf has no similar influence on a brain, but, for example, is already proved that on a female body the lack of caffeine in coffee badly affects. Because of it the ability of an organism to acquire iron for 39% decreases. But if to have coffee for an hour to food, then the similar effect is not observed.

Also researches showed that the peeled drink increases the level of free fatty acids which form further cholesterol and protein, so harmful to an organism, it accompanying.

As showed the experiments made in the USA, coffee with caffeine strengthens memory, and here dekaf cannot already brag of such effect.

Whether there are obvious contraindications?

In certain cases dekaf it is undesirable to drink. Such precaution is necessary for people who have problems with heart or vessels. It is also undesirable to take drink in a condition of a stress, nervous tension, in recovery time after a serious illness.

Whether you know? Fans of coffee have healthier teeth, thanks to substances as a part of drink which do not allow bacteria to harm enamel.

Popular TM of beskofeinovy coffee

In the world there are hundreds of brands of a dekaf, however as the best of them are recognized German, Swiss, American and Colombian.

Fans of coffee beans should look narrowly to:

  • to the Colombian arabica coffee;
  • Montana Coffe.

The ground product turns out best of all at:

  • Lavazza Dek Decaffeinato;
  • Lucaffe Decaffeinato;
  • Café Altura;
  • Green Mountain Coffee.

There are leaders and among soluble drinks:

  • Jacobs Monarch;
  • Nescafé Gold Decaf;
  • Ambassador Platinum.

But as caffeine is not only in coffee, it is worth paying attention and to other, not less popular drink.

What is tea without caffeine

Initially in tea the level of caffeine is not so high as in coffee, however after processing in drink there are about 3% of alkaloid. Such its quantity does tea safe for the people having problems with heart or elevated pressure.

Learn in more detail about properties of black, green, white tea and as it is correct to make tea.

When processing tea leaves quite large amount of chemicals which problem is to keep unique taste of drink is used. But completely all of them are not washed away after cleaning therefore their certain share is present at each cup of tea.

Learn about useful qualities of Pu-erh, milk oolong tea, a mat, masala, lapacho, rooibos, a sench, a vitgrass, a kudin, fermented baked milk, kissel.

Dekaf, or coffee without caffeine, becomes more popular day by day. And though scientists still were not defined what in it it is more: advantage or harm — the number of his admirers still grows. To what type of coffee to give preference — a personal record of everyone, the main thing in this case not to abuse quantity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team