Healthy nutrition for weight loss

Healthy nutrition for weight loss

Do you want to lose weight? Look for the most effective way for this purpose? Forward behind healthy nutrition!

It is required to you

  • Patience, time, will power and products of course:)


1. So. Every morning we begin with a breakfast:) Perhaps, everything I know not worse me such saying since childhood ""A breakfast eat itself, the lunch is divided with the friend, give a dinner to the enemy"" And so. All truly spoke to us in the childhood! The breakfast has to be the most nutritive, are welcomed by the most nourishing that we were loaded with energy for all day:) On a breakfast: porridges, fruit with sugar high content, a little sweet and farinaceous food is possible:)

2. Likely all already thought of one ""And that for lunch?"" And isn't present. At first we have having a snack! Yes, it is very much an important part of our healthy nutrition - that is food of 5-6 times a day. On having a snack you can use light fruit, drinking yogurt and to that similar things. Between the main meal and having a snack there pass about 2 hours.

3. Now lunch. In general, for maintenance of digestion it is necessary to eat light and low-fat soups. They very nutritive and useful to our organism. It is possible also buckwheat and other ""not heavy"" grain.

4. The following step is having a snack again. In afternoon it is worth excluding fruit as they contain sugar. It will better be limited to tea with a toast or a kefirchik.

5. For dinner waits for us a squirrel. The chicken is ideal for this purpose, so much it is possible to make with her! It is also possible to eat яйичко, cottage cheese. or to drink just a glass of kefir.

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