Healthy nutrition without threat for a purse

Healthy nutrition without threat for a purse

All know that food affects appearance and health at once. But at the same time there is an opinion that the healthy and healthy nutrition – expensive pleasure. But there are five products which can dispel this myth - having included them in the diet, everyone will become healthier without blow to a purse.

1. Beet. Vegetable habitual to all therefore it isn't perceived as very useful, and absolutely in vain. In it there are a lot of various vitamins and minerals, such as: manganese, phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine, copper and folic acid, at the same time this vegetable completely consists of solid cellulose which is necessary for intestinal microflora food. In addition, beet is rich with the betaine regulating a metabolism and cleaning a liver from zashlakovyvayushchy toxins.

Only hundred grams of beet a day will have a huge impact on appearance and health. Beet will help with work to heart and a liver, will adjust activity of a GIT, will strengthen walls of vessels, will reduce pressure.

2. Carrots. The second salutary vegetable with the richest structure. The set of vitamins and elements enter it. Carrots are shown at avitaminosis, various diseases of a GIT, heart failure, diseases of eyes.

Inclusion in a daily diet of crude carrots will help to forget about an unpleasant odor from a mouth, will increase immunity, will reduce acidity of a stomach. Consumption of carrots perfectly affects skin, hair and nails. There is enough 50-120 grams of carrots a day to notice its useful effect.

3. White cabbage. Unique vegetable for prevention of a set of diseases, it strengthens immunity and helps to remove toxins. Cabbage contains record amount of vitamins, various minerals, including ascorbic, folic, tartonovy acids and beta carotene.

Using daily at least 150 grams of cabbage, it is possible to receive daily norm of vitamin C. Also cabbage serves as prevention of cold, flu, rejuvenates fabrics, stimulates a metabolism, purifies blood and a lymph, improves a metabolism and reduces cholesterol level.

4. Onion. Contains a lot of the most useful elements, among them there are an iron, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, fluorine, calcium and magnesium and also a set of vitamins.

Onions are shown at avitaminosis and decrease in immunity. It is useful at a slow metabolism, colds and flu, purifies blood and stimulates potency. Improves immunity and is the means diluting a phlegm.

5. Barley. One of the most useful cereals. It contains proteins and carbohydrates, starches and cellulose, various vitamins and minerals.

Barley decoctions help at gastrointestinal diseases, a liver and lungs. Barley reduces cholesterol, adjusts hormonal balance, improves sight, strengthens a bone tissue and helps persons interested to build muscles.

All these products except barley, contain a large amount of cellulose. These vegetables feed intestinal microflora and improve a vermicular movement that affects the general condition and health of an organism. Inclusion in the diet of raw vegetables can improve a condition of an organism considerably.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team