As it is possible to dispose of land share

As it is possible to dispose of land share

Since 1991 each citizen of the Russian Federation, but here what is it could receive land share and as to dispose of it very few people know. According to Roskomstat's data, the certificate on possession of the earth has 95% of all population of Russia, but only 15% from them asked question of how to dispose of land share in legal or public services.

Workers and staff of collective and collective-farm farms became owners of land shares, at the time. In the nineties the last century many such organizations and communities broke up, and to their former participants material values including in the form of allotments, as "compensation" were distributed. Someone has begun to develop own business on the received plots of agricultural purpose, someone has sold them, and someone still does not know how to dispose of land share.

The land share is share private property in the general massif. Its size is expressed in percentage from total number of plots, and is calculated in hectares or hundred parts. Land share, as well as other types of real estate, it is necessary to privatize to change its assignment or to sell.

Land shares were given free of charge to the employees of collective farms and state farms who have worked certain number of years in this association irrespective of post. Division of public and state lands into shares happened at disbandment of the rural organizations of agrarian type, at their transfer to commercial "rails" in the nineties of the last century. To Otvteit precisely on question - 1 share of the earth it how many, it is impossible. In different regions and economic subjects percentage division of plots various. 

Possession of similar plot allows the owner not to depend on the state, to conduct the personal subsidiary or agrarian farm, to gain income from it by its sale. There are also requirements to the owner of land share – in case the site is not used, is not processed, it can be confiscated. But similar cases was not enough as in use the land shares were received by the peasants knowing how to dispose of them and how to gain from them income, owning agrarian and livestock skills.

The earth always was and will be the most cost-effective type of property. Plots, at the correct order them, are capable to bring quite high, and clean from the legal point of view, profit to the owner and not to be at the same time burdensome. It is possible to gain income from land share the next ways:

  • to sell after privatization,
  • to make exchange for other type of the real estate or transport,
  • to present or descend,
  • to lease or use for designated purpose.

Enterprising businessmen landowners or builders buy up land shares, breed on them the cattle or grow up herbs, grain, change category of assignment and build on plots inhabited, industrial, malls, increasing income from the earth in tens and hundreds of times.

If the owner of land share decides to sell it, he has to understand that the cost of each plot is individual, and it consists of specific characteristics – locations, the size of the site, fertility of the soil on it, demand of the earth in this area in the real estate market. Lawyers do not recommend to hurry with sale of land share – better previously to carry out its assessment and to consider other versions of the order it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team