How to bake cake ""Marble"

How to bake cake ""Marble"

The beginning hostess will even cope with preparation of this remarkable fragrant cake with the delicate chocolate flavor.

It is required to you

  • - 2 glasses of flour; - 150 g of a desi; - 1 glass of sugar; - 1/3 glasses of milk; - 3 tablespoons of cocoa; - 0.5 h spoon of soda, extinguished vinegar; - dark chocolate; - vegetable oil.


1. Pound the softened oil with sugar. Shake up eggs the mixer or a nimbus for beating in dense foam and accurately mix with an oil weight.

2. Add milk, flour and soda to mix, extinguished vinegar. Carefully mix everything. Divide dough into two parts approximately equal on volume. Add cocoa-powder to one and mix weight until dough gains uniform chocolate color.

3. Oil a baking dish vegetable and sprinkle with flour. Lay out at first white dough, and then dark. Now make effect of marble. For this purpose carefully carry out by a fork around, slightly mixing cake layers.

4. Previously heat an oven and put in it a form approximately for 40-50 minutes. Check readiness of cake a wooden toothpick. If after you thrust it in cake, on a toothpick dough doesn't stick, so cake is ready.

5. Kindle a tile of a dark chocolate on a water bath. Water with the kindled chocolate top of ready cake. Strew with cocoa, icing sugar or confectionery toppings.

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