How to choose wine

How to choose wine

That to choose really good drink from a huge set, it is necessary to follow several rules and to remember that here it isn't enough to be guided only by the product price.


1. First, take an interest what dish will be out be at the forthcoming dinner, a wine bottle for which you select, will be signature. Remember that to such light food as a chicken under white sauce or fish, also light wines are served. More strong wines are demanded by game and beef dishes and also dishes which are served with tomato sauce. Sweet wines, for example, Riesling, Pino Gridzhyo and Sauvignon Blanc are perfectly combined with hot dishes. As aperitif it is possible to offer Cabernet or Pino Nuar.

2. Choose wine from the region, preferable to you. It is of great importance as the soil a baking plate vineyards directly affects aroma and taste of drink. So the South African wines are absolutely other than, for example, Italian. Of course, it isn't obligatory to know subtleties of cultivation of vineyards in these countries at all, however the minimum ideas of geography of any given regions won't prevent.

3. Making the choice between wines of the New and Old World, stop on the European. In such countries as Germany, Italy and France are engaged in production of wines for long years, bringing technology of winemaking to perfection. However it doesn't mean at all that the South American or African wines it is worse on taste or are of a lower quality. Many famous wine makers of the New World achieved the world appreciation too.

4. From the American wines it is better to give preference to those which are made in Sonom (California), Nap and Oregon. From French wines as the best are considered made in the Provinces of Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy. The best wine-making region of Italy – Tuscany, exactly there is made a unique Chianti. Shiraz is considered the best of the Australian drinks.

5. Pay attention for a year of release. There is a common opinion that age of drink – the main indicator of its quality. However not all wines become better with age, some worsen in process of increase in a period of storage. Sparkling and white wines first of all concern those.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team