How to cook kharcho

How to cook kharcho

Georgian cuisine is famous for the rich and nourishing soup for kharcho. How to cook kharcho? In it there is nothing difficult, master the recipe and you will be able to please house with a new dish of Georgian cuisine.

Meat and rice – the main ingredients of kharcho therefore they need to be picked up carefully. Many believe that Georgian cuisine includes only mutton, however this soup best of all turns out from beef. Pick up a good steak on a bone. Rees needs to choose round or dlinnozernisty.

Recipe of kharcho classical

It is required to you:

  • 400 g of fat beef on the bone;
  • half-glass of rice;
  • 1 large bulb;
  • 2 garlic gloves;
  • 3 average prunes;
  • pod of Chile hot pepper;
  • spoon of khmeli suneli and tklapa;
  • 60 g of puree from a tomato;
  • spoon of vegetable oil;
  • 6 glasses of water;
  • salt, pepper and greens to taste.

We start process of preparation of kharcho

Beef is cut by average pieces and put in a saucepan. Add a glass - two waters, meat has to be completely closed. Put a pan on strong fire and you cook within 5 minutes.

Split onions, garlic and greens, mix them with paste from a tomato, khmeli suneli and oil. This mix is prepared for 2 minutes on strong fire.

Cook rice and add it to meat together with pepper, prunes and tkemat. Boil soup of 10 more minutes.

Right at the end we add chopped fennel and parsley, we add to soup, we switch off fire. Cover a pan and let's stand to soup of 5-10 minutes.

Fragrant soup of kharcho is ready!

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