How to cook tasty berries compote

How to cook tasty berries compote

During a summer heat compote is good for thirst satisfying. During winter bad weather it reminds of serene solar days and helps to struggle with avitaminosis. To kids this delicacy imparts love for natural fruit to berries. Unlike store carbonated drinks and factory juice, home-made compote not only is tasty, but also is very useful.

It is required to you

  • berries
    • water
    • granulated sugar
    • pan
    • glass jars
    • covers
    • seamer
    • warm blanket.


1. Touch berries, exempt them from fruit stems. Throw out the spoiled fruits, shift the others in a colander and carefully wash a baking plate with flowing cold water. Put a colander on a pan to allow water to flow down. It is also possible to pour out berries on the clean towel which was previously outspread on a table.

2. In a clean pan pour water, put it on fire and bring to the boil. As soon as water begins to boil, accurately shift in a berry pan. Add sugar to taste, carefully mix. Taste compote. It has to be a little more sweet, than it is pleasant to you. The fact is that berries will give to liquid the acid after a while, and the taste of compote will become just such as it is necessary.

3. Wait until compote begins to boil, and remove a pan from fire that berries in compote didn't get out of a shape. Compote can be drunk at once, and previously having cooled a flood on glasses. And it is possible to cover a pan and to wait until berries give it all the taste. When the pan to the touch becomes warm, compote will disclose the taste in all completeness.

4. Compote can also be cooked on the basis of a sugar syrup. For this purpose in a pan with the begun to boil water fill up sugar and wait until it completely is dissolved. Add to the turned-out berry syrup, repeatedly bring it to the boil and remove a pan from fire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team