How to make hot spice with pepper

How to make hot spice with pepper

There are many different hot spices from pepper with garlic, but this recipe has one highlight. "Pepper" very simply is cooked.

For its preparation it is necessary to take:

- sweet paprika red (it is better fleshy) – 3 kg;

- pepper burning red – 6 - 7 pieces;

- garlic – 6 - 7 heads;

- salt – to taste.

Wash, cut, scrape all pepper seeds, dry, to peel garlic. 

Together to scroll everything on the meat grinder, to add salt.

And further – a highlight. 

Properly to mix, pour out the turned-out weight in a 3-liter jar, but it isn't necessary to add to top, approximately on one third. Close to bank a gauze or a polyethylene cover with openings. Leave to bank for 10 – 14 days in the dark place for fermentation at the room temperature. At first weight will rise therefore it is impossible to add it to top banks. At the end of fermentation weight will appear above, and below there will be a transparent solution. After weight perebrodit, Pepper seasoning is ready. It will have not only a sharp taste, but also pleasant "sourness". 

"Pepper" can be poured on small jars, but it is possible and not to pour, and to close to bank a usual polyethylene cover. Before the use it is desirable to shake up "Pepper".

Seasoning needs to be put in the fridge, and it will be stored then very long. (Before the end of fermentation the bank can't put in the fridge!) The one who tasted "Pepper" always prepares not one such can, but two or three.

It is very good to add "pepper" to meat, for example, to cutlets and also to fish, a bird. It perfectly refreshes taste of any garnishes, salads. For example, impacts to fresh cabbage salad remarkable relish.

Except gustatory qualities, "Pepper" is very useful to health, of course, if there are no contraindications. 

From time immemorial people knew that fermentation helps to keep products. The fact is that at fermentation there is a growth of the useful bacteria preventing growth pathogenic, causing damage. Consumption of the vegetables which underwent fermentation is favorable for digestion.

In addition, pepper contains a set of vitamins and minerals necessary for a human body. About high content of vitamin C in paprika all know. It cleans an organism from toxins, and cages from destruction, strengthens blood vessels, dilutes blood, improves sight, normalizes brain activity. 

Try to prepare "Pepper" for the winter! You won't regret!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team