How to make pork tongue and dishes from it

How to make pork tongue and dishes from it

With pork tongue it is possible to cook great soups, salads, aspic and other dishes. This tasty product is attractive also that at all the useful properties (language is vitamin-rich E, PP, B, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium), it is very low-calorie.

Way of the correct preparation of pork tongue

In order that language turned out fragrant and gentle on taste, it is necessary to boil it correctly. Previously wet pork tongue in cold water for two-three hours. Thanks to it this product will turn out not only softer, but also the thin skin will be easier cleaned.

Put a pan with water on fire. Bring water to the boil, add necessary seasonings and spices. Now you can put language in water. It is necessary to boil pork tongue within two-three hours. At preparation you watch that broth strongly didn't boil.

Salt is recommended be not to added when cooking language. It is better to salt a product after removal of a thin skin or already in that dish for which preparation the language was boiled.

The recipe of the baked pork tongue

For preparation it will be required to you: - pork tongue – 600 g; - white tinned beans – 400-500 g; - butter – 60 g; - mix of the Italian seasonings; - a thyme – 2 g; - salt, pepper – to taste; - bay leaf – 2-3 pieces. Boil in the boiling water pork tongue within five minutes, drain water. Shift language in other pan with the pure boiling water. Add bay leaves, several peas of pepper, salt to broth. Leave to cook for 1.5-2 hours. When language cooks, shift it in a bowl with cold water and clean from a thin skin. Cut it plates no more than a half-centimeter thick. Grease with a desi a baking pan. Spread out the cut pork tongue to a form, salt, add some seasoning, put a thyme. Bake a dish in an oven within 15-20 minutes at an average temperature. Before giving of a dish prepare a garnish. For this purpose warm tinned haricot and water it with sauce which turned out when roasting language. You can decorate a dish with greens before giving.

The recipe of salad with language and pineapples

It is required to you: - boiled pork tongue – 300-350 g; - pineapple tinned – 3-5 circles; - hard cheese – 200 g; - garlic – 1 clove; - a paprika – 1 piece; - mayonnaise; - pomegranate seeds; - salt, pepper – to taste. Cut a boiled tongue thin straws. Also straws cut pepper, circles of pineapples, cheese. Crush garlic or miss it through a press. Connect the prepared ingredients in a bowl, add some seasoning, pomegranate seed. Accurately mix. Pour in the necessary amount of mayonnaise. Again mix. Before giving spread out salad on small salad bowls and decorate with a paprika and greens.

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