How to make raspberry wine

How to make raspberry wine

Domestic wine from raspberry turns out unusually tasty, at the correct preparation has characteristic red color, and on the gustatory qualities reminds liqueur or fruit liqueur. If at you on giving this berry there is a lot of, then the recipe for domestic raspberry wine by all means is useful to you.

It is required to you

  • - 5 kilograms of raspberry;
  • - 1 kilogram of granulated sugar;
  • - 2.5 liters of water;
  • - liquid ammonia.


1. Crush berry. It isn't recommended to wash raspberry as on its surface there are live bacteria which will support further fermentation in drink. For crushing it is possible to scroll raspberry via the meat grinder. Add 500 grams of granulated sugar to the received puree and mix. There send water of room temperature (22 wasps). Water of lower temperature will slow down growth of barmy bacteria, and high temperatures are pernicious for their growth.

2. Properly mix all ingredients, densely cover capacity and remove to the cool and dark place. The most favorable temperature condition for storage – 18-20os. 10-12 hours later make the first check – whether there are signs of fermentation of juice or isn't present. In it bubbles have to appear. If nothing happens to juice, so bacteria lack heat. Take couple of scoops of juice and warm up it, but you don't bring to the boil at all. Implicate hot juice in cold, wait for further fermentation.

3. Ten days later it is necessary to air juice. Pour it from one capacity in another, then back. Such reception will allow you to improve taste of future wine. Add on two drops of liquid ammonia on one liter of juice and mix. Put on a rubber glove capacity or cover with a hydrolock, again put to the dark place for a week.

4. Removal of berries will be the next stage of preparation of wine. Prepare for this purpose necessary ware, a sieve or a colander with small cells. This process has to take place in full purity. Filter the begun to ferment juice through a sieve, wring out berries a masher. Add to it couple of tablespoons of granulated sugar, put on a rubber glove capacity and leave to wander 4 more days. Every two days add two spoons of sugar to a mash.

5. When fermentation terminates, filter wine through a gauze and pour on bottles, densely close traffic jams. Mature wine in the cool place within several months. Ready drink will have the strength of 15-18 degrees. It is necessary to store such wine no more than a year, further its taste can worsen.

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