How to make sausage in house conditions

How to make sausage in house conditions

Juicy, fragrant, nourishing and even useful – sausage can be such if to make it in house conditions. Creating this dish independently, you can be firmly sure of its quality and lack of the additives poisoning an organism or tempting the increased appetite. Make houses the baked sausage of pork or boiled of chicken.

Home-made sausage from pork


- 1 kg of low-fat pork; - 200 g of lard;

- 3 segments of garlic; - 1/2 tsps of ground black pepper; - 1 tsps of salt; - 1.5 m of dried guts; - vegetable oil. Wet guts in cold water for 1.5-2 hours. Carefully wash up pork, dry and cut on small pieces. Pound fat in the blender or the meat grinder. Clean garlic segments and grate them or crush in a special press. Connect all prepared products in deep capacity. Pepper everything, salt and properly vent hands that ingredients and spices were evenly distributed. Let's forcemeat infuse within, at least, 2 hours, and it is better than night, in the fridge.

Take the plastic call for filling of guts or make it, having cut out the top part of a plastic bottle. Put on her the end of a gut and record for reliability a strong thread or an elastic band. Make sausages no more than 15 cm long, filling them it isn't too dense that in preparation time didn't burst. Pierce them a thin needle in several places, curtail a wheel and lay out on the baking tray oiled vegetable. Bake home-made sausage of 45 minutes at 200oC.

Cooked chicken sausage in house conditions

Ingredients: - 500 g of chicken fillet with a fat (light and dark meat); - 200 g of boiled ham; - 2 chicken egg whites; - 300 ml of 20% cream; - 2 tablespoons of corn or potato starch; - on 1/3 tsps of salt, dried garlic, a sprinkling pink pepper, a sage and a chaber. Separate meat with a fat from bones and a thin skin, wash a baking plate with flowing water and get wet with a paper towel. Cut it on bars, fill in with proteins and cream and crush in the blender. Don't use for this purpose the meat grinder, weight has to turn out similar to viscous puree. Small cut ham on strips or cubes. Implicate it in chicken forcemeat, add salt, seasonings, starch and mix everything by means of hands. Shift everything to a double leaf of a foil, give the form of long loaf, inwrap and connect the ends. Pack it into two-three strong plastic bags and hardly draw an elastic band in several places. Boil water in a big pan, lower in it a parcel and you cook sausage of 30-40 minutes on average fire. Lay out it on a lattice or in a colander, completely cool and only then remove packing. Put it in a container, cover with food wrap and put ware in the fridge for 6-8 hours.

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