How to use spices for weight loss

How to use spices for weight loss

Fragrant, sharp, burning – spices and spicery are capable to work wonders with the most usual dishes. Apply them in cookery the people thought up in an extreme antiquity. However very few people know that it is possible to add some spice to food not only for improvement of taste, but also for weight loss.

On a question of how to use spices for weight loss, the nutritionists and culinary specialists recommend to follow the principles of moderation. Spices and spicery will easily give even to the most fresh dish unearthly aroma and saturated taste, and in reduction of weight the herbs don't have equal at all. By means of spices in an organism exchange processes decrease, there is a clarification from slags, burning of fatty deposits. Depending on a look, spices for weight loss can suppress appetite.

Not to do much harm to the body and to dump unnecessary kilograms, it is important not to add spicery to food in the evening. Eating such food for the night, it is possible to achieve opposite effect. Hot and fragrant dishes with spices can kindle appetite therefore you will eat more.

Has considerable value and quality of spices. In a question of correction of weight the best results show natural seasonings which contain a set of antioxidants, vitamins and other useful substances:

  •    The basil – weight reduction with this will be freshen a grass tasty and easy. The fragrant spice rich with antioxidants is fine addition for meat dishes, vegetables, paste. The basil kills harmful bacteria and destroys free radicals. It also source of magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium.
  •    Cinnamon – the leader among spices for weight loss. Due to bright aroma well suppresses appetite, regulates glucose level in blood. It should be added some spice to dishes to improve a metabolism, best of all cinnamon is combined with coffee, teas, low-calorie desserts, meat dishes.
  •    Ginger. Burning seasoning – the recognized assistant in weight loss. Spice will present to food unusual taste, will help to reduce cholesterol level, to remove slags, to accelerate metabolism. Weight reduction can happen at consumption of ginger drink, tea to seasoning, it is necessary to add spice also to meat dishes, vegetable stews.
  •    Bay leaf. Seasoning familiar to everyone impacts to food an astringent flavor, unearthly aroma. It is necessary to include it in dishes shortly before the end of cooking. Bay leaf fights against deposits of salts, has the cleaning effect.
  •    Black, red and allspice. These burning spices also improve digestion and help an organism to burn fat. Odorous spicery can be added to various dishes, from soups to salads.
  •    Fennel. This seasoning possesses diuretic action therefore fennel is irreplaceable at removal of puffiness. Besides, it should be added spice to improve digestion of food. For weight loss it is possible to use both fresh, and dried fennel.
  •    Turmeric. Unusual spice strengthens immunity, possesses anti-inflammatory action, reduces growth of fatty deposits in a human body. The turmeric stimulates exchange process too.

It is possible to use spices for weight loss and it is necessary, but at the same time it is necessary to feel a measure. At frequent inclusion of spicery in a diet these components are capable to cause irritation of mucous, to provoke stomach diseases. To avoid similar problems and it is necessary to achieve weight reduction, to add these products to food in a small amount. Seasonings can also be mixed with gas stations for salads, oil for cooking or suppression.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team