How to use sprouts in food

How to use sprouts in food

Now speak about advantage of such product as sprouts much. It is special food. The only foodstuff which isn't changed in any way. All useful substances remain in living tissue of a young plant.


It is known that those are blown which are exposed to any processing (cooking, frying, suppression, etc.), lose the useful properties. As a result, the organism doesn't receive necessary enzymes which are important for the person. Without receiving the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutritive matters, the organism weakens, works worse and quicker grows old. Sprouts are a natural product. Food which is very rich with enzymes. It is considered the most useful.

At the beginning of the germination, at seeds the amount of antioxidants strongly increases. It promotes that the plant at this stage tries to survive, and the person receives a product which is simply invaluable. Sprouts are a fine food for microbes which play an important role in a human body. In sprouts of fruit and berries the huge amount of pectin which supports and also restores intestinal microflora of the person. Sprouts of cereals are considered as the best.

What it is better to couch

The easiest in house of a condition to couch a rye, wheat, lentil, peas, машь, chick-pea. They are considered as the most unpretentious. Any who wants to be engaged in it can cope with them. It should be noted, each of cultures has the special improving action about which it is desirable to know.

How to use

There is a statement that it is the best of all to apply sprouts in the morning and it is desirable on an empty stomach. If it didn't turn out to make it in the morning, then it is possible to eat in the afternoon together with food. It has to be cold. It is possible to wash down a product with juice, water, tea. In the evening is them it isn't recommended as they have property to stimulate an organism and the person can not fall asleep.

It is necessary to get used to the use of sprouts gradually. Begin with 1 teaspoon. Increase a dose within several months. The maximum portion - 70 grams. Sprouts it is required to chew or use the blender carefully. It is possible to add to them a few fruit.

How to couch

Correctly to couch grains, at first it is necessary to buy them. They have to be faultless quality. In a usual can (liter) to pour out well washed out grain. Fill in with water. It is better to take water filtered or spring. Allow seeds to bulk up (10-12 hours). Wash out. Again to fill in and cover with a cover. Densely it isn't necessary to close. After seeds turn up, again to wash out and to carefully drain water. It is possible to store within 5-6 days in the fridge. Ware where the product is stored, slightly to cover (a cover, a napkin etc.). Even sprouts will continue to grow in the fridge, but it is quite admissible. Their quality from it will only improve.

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