How to weigh flour without scales

How to weigh flour without scales

Not each hostess has at herself in kitchen scales. Products often measure "by eye". But in some culinary recipes it is important to observe proportions precisely. The confectionery masterpiece can be hopelessly spoiled if flour appears too much, or it isn't enough. How to avoid a mistake and to precisely weigh flour without scales? Here several councils of experienced culinary specialists.


1. As scales it is possible to use traditional kitchen utensils: spoons, banks, glasses, pans. However, it is necessary to remember a difference between the volume and weight of products. Weighing without scales will become much easier if to use a special measured mug on which parties tags with designation of weight of various products are put.

2. Weighing by spoons. Scoop flour a spoon (table or tea). It is careful to shake that excess flour was showered. On a spoon accurate "hill" turns out. In a teaspoon with "hill" 10 g of flour, in the dining room – 25 g are located.

3. Weighing by glasses. It is the best of all to use a usual thick glass tumbler with a rim of 250 ml. Flour needs to be filled in a glass spoons. It isn't necessary to settle it and to stamp, from it weight can change. The glass filled to a rim contains 160 g of flour. If to fill flour level with edge, then weight will increase to 180 g. In a glass of 200 ml a little less flour - about 130 g finds room.

4. Weighing by pans. This checked way will help out the hostess who has no time will try on a large amount of flour spoons or glasses. It is necessary to take two pans of the different size. Indispensable condition: the small saucepan has to enter big completely. In smaller ware the product which weight is precisely known is located. To optimum use the sealed kilogram packing of sugar or grain. Further the pan with cargo is put in empty. Water to the edges is accurately poured into big ware. Now cargo from a small pan can be taken out and to gradually fill it with flour. As soon as water in big ware rises to the brim again, the kilogram of flour is weighed.

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