In what drink there is more advantage?"

In what drink there is more advantage?"

human body more than for 70% consists of water therefore to avoid dehydration the person needs to use liquid constantly. The simplest drinking water is the most right choice. It will help to support water balance. But there are such drinks which in addition can bring you a lot more benefit and, unfortunately, is absolutely opposite to them.

For example, green tea. This drink is useful that it prevents cancer, osteoporosis and all cardiovascular diseases. Green tea contains fluorine that helps to support teeth and bones with a healthy state. Flavonoids, antioxidants and polyphenols help with neutralization of radicals thereby protecting cages from wreckers.

Mint tea well influences digestion, fixes problems with a stomach, gripes. Also mint removes spasms. It is very effective at muscle pains. Low-fat milk (1% fat content) will help you to get rid of feeling of hunger for a long time. All because because of the structure it is long acquired. It contains complex carbohydrates which promote stabilization of level of sugar in blood. Milk contains calcium, and thanks to vitamin D it is quickly acquired in an organism.

As for soy milk, it helps to prevent developing of cardiovascular diseases. But this milk in itself is not self-sufficient. It is impossible to replace with this milk cow. Because then you will have a deficiency of vitamins A, D and calcium. Besides if in your family there is a predisposition to breast cancer – this drink probably not for you. Better for you to consult with the doctor and to find out, whether you should take soy milk.

Cocoa and hot chocolate – joy sources. Though this and a little high-calorie pleasure, but it will provide you with a necessary dose of serotonin.

And here one more very useful drink – tomato juice (without salt). In what its advantage? It prevents cancer diseases easy, a liver, an oral cavity, a breast, a neck of the uterus, a rectum. And still protects from developing of cardiovascular diseases. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, and it as is well-known promotes increase in immunity. It in turn will help you to be saved from many diseases. Besides orange juice is very useful to pregnant women.

Juice from a cranberry is useful at diseases of gums and infectious diseases of urinary tract. But 100% juice very sour therefore if you add sugar drink no more glass in day.

God bless you also you give to drink the organism only polzoprinosyashchy liquids.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team