Onions cutlets: the best recipes

Onions cutlets: the best recipes

Onions cutlets are very simple and tasty dish which preparation requires the minimum quantity of the products which are available in kitchen for any hostess. They prepare quickly enough, and turn out such unusual that not all can define from what they are prepared.

Classical recipe of onions cutlets

In this dish, of course, the main ingredient is - onions. For preparation of 8-10 cutlets it is required:

- 4 big bulbs

- 1 large or 2 small eggs

- 4 tablespoons of flour with the hill

- spices and greens to taste (salt, pepper, fennel, a marjoram, paprika)

Preparation process:

1. We wash onions, we exempt from a peel, and we cut on small cubes (small cunning - when cutting onions it is necessary to moisten a knife and a bulb with cold water - it reduces quantity of tears). It is possible to use the grinder, but it is important not to go too far and not to turn onions into uniform puree. The grater and the meat grinder are also no good.

2. We shift onions weight in a bowl and we add spices and salt, carefully we mix.

3. In a separate bowl quickly we shake up eggs (better to use house) and we pour in onions weight.

4. The following step we go stage-by-stage addition of necessary amount of flour to egg with onions. It is important to receive uniform, so-called forcemeat, without lumps. On consistence weight has to resemble as fritters.

5. On the warmed teflon frying pan we pour a little vegetable oil (it is very much recommended to use corn oil instead of sunflower as it is better acquired) and a tablespoon we spread forcemeat. We fry cutlets from two parties until ready. You shouldn't do them big, small are fried thoroughly and turn out an original, unusual form with a golden crust much quicker. The interesting fact is that during frying in kitchen the smell of a fried fish appears, the onions smell afterwards disappears therefore it is from the first difficult to guests to guess from what cutlets are made.

It is possible to eat cutlets as hot, there and cold. Move more often with tomatoes and sour cream or mayonnaise sauces, also decorate with greens. Onions cutlets are good and as an independent dish, and as addition to meat, a shish kebab and fish, some like to eat them with mashed potatoes. 

Nutrition value of this dish on 100 grams:

Caloric content - 148 kcal.

Proteins: 5.5 гр.

Fats: 4.8 гр.

Carbohydrates: 21.8 гр.

Onions cutlets with semolina

The interesting option of preparation of onions cutlets is use of semolina instead of flour. The dish turns out kaloriyny and sytny, and to taste concedes nothing to the classical recipe. Ingredients and proportions same as well as in the basic recipe, but nevertheless are present small additions, namely it will be required:

- 350 grams of onions

- 1 large egg

- 4 tablespoons of semolina

- 1 tablespoon of ketchup

- 1 garlic glove

- favourite spices to taste 

Preparation process:

1. We wash, we peel onions from a peel, we cut in small cubes and we send together with garlic glove to a bowl of the grinder or to the combine.

2. We add the egg which is shaken up separately, semolina, ketchup and spices to onion puree. Carefully we mix everything and we leave the turned-out weight for about 15-20 minutes that onions started up juice, and semolina inflated. 

3. We form cutlets (the breading isn't necessary as they both are so remarkably molded and don't collapse) of the turned-out weight, and we fry on vegetable oil from two parties to a golden crust. 

As onions cutlets quite fragile, very often use such method of preparation during which they aren't fried, and are stewed on a so-called potato pillow. Potatoes cut by thin plates are put on a bottom of a frying pan and a little filled in with water, onions cutlets from above give all the best and about 20 minutes are extinguished under the closed cover. 

Very tasty addition to onions cutlets is tomato sauce. Will be necessary for its preparation:

- 1 small bulb

- 1 carrots

- several branches of fennel (at will)

- sunflower oil - 20 ml

- granulated sugar - 3 teaspoons

- tomato paste - 5 tablespoons

- pure drinking water - 1.5 glasses

- salt, pepper to taste

Preparation process:

Bulb and carrots to wash, clean. Cut onions with half rings, and carrots — straws. In the frying pan warmed with sunflower oil to brown vegetables about 5 minutes. At this time to part tomato paste with water then to pour out it in a frying pan to vegetables, carefully to mix, add spices and greens to taste and to extinguish 5 minutes. That sauce turned out sweet, it is necessary to add granulated sugar to mix, to prevent and extinguish 7 more minutes a baking plate the closed cover. Further there are two options of succession of events: ready onions cutlets are filled in with sauce and pine several minutes, or sauce and cutlets are served separately, and then everyone will fill in them with sauce at will. 

 Councils for preparation of onions cutlets:

- As onions cutlets in itself very gentle and fragile, it is possible ""to strengthen"" them, having added to onions forcemeat of the crude potatoes which are a little grated on a small grater. It won't affect taste in any way, but cutlets will be an accurate form and won't break. 

- If you love a pungent flavor, then it is possible to add small cut champignons or dried cepes to onions forcemeat.

- To avoid an onions crunch in cutlets it is necessary to drench after cutting onions with boiled water, to cast away on a colander and to prepare further according to the recipe.

- For giving to cutlets of a sytnost it is possible to add a small amount of the crushed fresh fat to onions forcemeat.

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