Quince: than it is useful what vitamins and minerals contain as eat

Quince: than it is useful what vitamins and minerals contain as eat

The quince tree becomes more and more popular for landing on the seasonal dacha. All because people learn about advantage of it unfairly of the forgotten fruit. More than four thousand years it brings to people benefit and pleases with unusual, but pleasant taste. Further we will get acquainted with what good is in this fruit in appearance reminding usual apple.

Caloric content and nutrition value

The fruit of a quince tree is unusual the fact that it practically does not contain calories. Their of everything about 50 kcal on 100 grams of a product. The quince does not contain saturated fats and cholesterol, but at the same time is rich with carbohydrates. Keeping of the last in it is slightly more than 15 g. Besides, in 100 g of fruit there are 1.8 g of cellulose and 0.4 g of proteins.

Whether you know? A quince still call gold apple. Its weight can be more than two kilograms.

Vitamin and mineral structure

The quince fruit does not contain some sugar, but has a large amount of glucose and fructose in structure. From useful biologically active agents in its structure it is worth emitting pectin, tannins, organic acids and carotene necessary to an organism.

The quince is very rich with such important element as iron, in it there is a magnesium, a pine forest, nickel, copper, phosphorus, the titan and other useful components of the table Mendeleyeva.

Vitamins also in a large number are present at this fruit. Contents such as With, in 100 g of a fruit makes a quarter of daily requirement of an organism in day. A range of the others — vitamins of groups A, B and E.

Than the quince is useful to an organism

The quince will bring benefit to people of all age. It well influences all human body because of the vitamin and mineral wealth. It is especially favorable at problems of digestive tract, the system of blood formation, a cardiovascular system. The fruit strengthens immunity and the general condition of an organism.

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The quince fruit will be useful to representatives of a strong half of mankind as means of treatment and prevention of diseases of an urinogenital system. It improves potency and also is applied in the preventive and medical purposes if inflammations of a prostate take place. The use to her men who have problems with kidneys and urinary channels will be not superfluous. It can be applied also safely at strong nervous and physical tension. Useful substances of a quince will have useful effect on all male body.

Health of the man directly depends on receipt in its organism of vitamins and minerals, especially, if the man plans to become a father.


The female body also with pleasure will accept the help of this useful fruit. Especially it will be good at gynecologic diseases. The quince has styptic effect therefore it is applied at uterine bleedings. Because of the high content of iron it is shown at anemia, and to women it is especially relevant during pregnancy. Also the quince will help future mother to strengthen an organism, to struggle with toxicosis, will remove hypostases. The fruit is useful to women and as an effective way of fight against hemorrhoids.

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It is noticed that the use of a quince contributes to normalization of a menstrual cycle, reduction of profuseness of allocations that is especially important in the period of a climax. At this time the fruit will help to cope with a depression and to stabilize the general condition of an organism. Thanks to antioxidants which are as a part of a quince at the regular use the woman long time will be young and beautiful. Women use a quince in various diets thanks to the fact that it practically does not contain calories, but has sweet taste.


The quince fruit will bring benefit to children especially during activization of catarrhal diseases and infections. With its help they can easily be warned and treated. The fruit strengthens immunity thanks to high content of antiscorbutic vitamin and other poleznost. He reduces temperature and effectively struggles with such consequence of cold as cough. The quince eliminates its symptoms, improves an otkharkivaniye. Means from it instead of drugs use for children at gastric frustration and colitis. Juice of a fruit promotes healing of wounds. Thanks to the fact that gold apple is hypoallergenic one and all can take it.

Important! To small children, especially about one year, it is impossible to give a fresh quince or pure juice from it. Its tartness can cause in them vomiting.

Application in different spheres

More than four centuries of people gold apple in different spheres of the activity applies. And not only the fruit of a quince tree, but also its leaves is for this purpose used. The quince is tasty as a part of various dishes, it is applied by folk healers, it is ingredient for preparation of care products for a body.

In cookery

The crude quince is loved not by many, and here boiled or baked it will be to the taste to all. Only heat treatment removes tartness and viscosity of a fruit. Certainly, there is a set of recipes of quince jam and jams. They turn out sweet and unusual on taste.

Feature of such preparations is that it is not obligatory to add sugar to them. It with success is replaced by a large amount of fructose and glucose which fruit contains. Also such jam will help to struggle with success with cold during the autumn and winter period because of availability in it of vitamin C and antioxidants. The quince can be used for preparation of tea and compotes, from it candied fruits and various similar sweets are good.

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Fresh gold apple can be added with success to various salads. The quince will give them sweetish terpkovatuyu a highlight. It is well combined with meat and vegetables. So, you will be pleasantly surprised by taste of roast, meat or bird with this fruit. Quince sauces and any other preservation with addition of this fruit are good. Hostesses with success cook from a quince sauce like a tkemala. For this purpose from it herbs, spices are added to puree, it is a lot of garlic, and this mix cooks some time. Culinary specialists with an experience replace habitual apples with a quince practically in all dishes. Unusual texture and the relish of a fruit is impacted to them a highlight and do taste to more saturated.

Important! At preparation of dishes it is necessary to remove seeds from a quince. They contain amigdalin and can be the cause of poisoning.

In traditional medicine

Folk healers use quince pulp, stones and leaves for the medicines. So, broth, the boiled or baked fruits are good at disorders of digestive tract, help at diseases of a cardiovascular system and improve composition of blood. Boiled gold apple is used for treatment of the diseases connected with a liver and kidneys. In such look it effectively warns vomiting.

Also in traditional medicine the fresh quince and juice from it are widely used. The last treats bleedings, problems with heart, digestive tract, an urinogenital system. Quince pulp can be eaten in itself or to cook from it tinctures or teas. The use of a fruit in such look will help to strengthen an organism, will fill up it with iron, will remove heat. The crude quince will help at a diarrhea with bleeding and hemorrhoids. A specific place in traditional medicine is held by medicines from quince seeds.

Broth from them helps at uterine bleedings and gastrointestinal diseases. Seeds contain slime and therefore do water tincture from various illnesses of them. 10 g add them to a glass of water, stir up, and then insist. This drink works as the enveloping means at disorders of digestive tract and as expectorant at cough. Infusion it is possible to rinse a throat at a tonsillitis, it will help at periodontosis and other inflammations of a mouth.

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Infusion from leaves of a quince is known as an effective remedy for fight against attacks of bronchial asthma.

In cosmetology

Seeds, leaves and fruits of a quince with success are used in house cosmetology. Squeeze out juice of the last and also apply pulp. It is possible to wipe with juice a face and a body, and it is possible to do various masks of pulp. They are made or entirely of a quince fruit, or other ingredients are added to puree from it. Such means tone up skin, do it softer, narrow pores. From leaves it is possible to prepare infusions for acceptance of bathtubs which will well influence a tone and the general condition of skin of all body. Also broths from leaves and seeds strengthen hair and head skin.

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Whether it is possible to eat a quince in the raw

The ripe fruit of a quince tree, of course, can be eaten in the raw. But not at all it turns out because of its tart and astringent taste. Having tried it, very many prefer not to repeat it. But is also such which like quince taste. Therefore if you can eat crude gold apple — on health. If is not present — it is possible to use its boiled, baked or as a part of other dishes. It is necessary to remember that unpleasant tartness and viscosity clean up only heat treatment, but not a frost.

Whether you know? The quince tree is unique. In the nature it has no related plants.

Whether it is possible at pregnancy and breastfeeding

The quince is necessary and will be very useful to women in interesting situation. The vitamins and useful substances which are its part will strengthen an organism and will give it forces during this difficult period. It is the best of all to use fruit in the baked look or juice from it. Unpleasant feelings which crude pulp can cause will be so excluded. Gold apple will help the pregnant woman to improve mood, will save from anemia and hypostases. The quince does not contain allergens therefore mother can use it also during breastfeeding. And its useful substances will help to strengthen the immune system of the kid.

To fill balance of useful substances, it is useful for pregnant women to use fruit: peaches, pomegranate, strawberry, mango, feijoa, kiwi.

Contraindications and harm

Quince, undoubtedly — extremely useful product. But its use is undesirable to some people and can do much harm. So, it is impossible to eat crude gold apple or juice from it with that who is sick with ulcer of stomach or duodenum, gastritis with high acidity. The condition of such patients can worsen because of existence in an acid fruit. The fruit in any kind cannot be used at pleurisy and locks. Pulp of a quince contains firm parts which irritate a throat therefore people who sing cannot eat it or long speak.

Doctors and nutritionists advise to eat as much as possible vegetables and fruit. The quince is very useful and necessary product for a human body. If it is impossible to eat it in the raw, there is a mass of ways to prepare it so that it became tasty. Useful substances of a quince fruit will give you health and forces.

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