Rules of healthy nutrition

Rules of healthy nutrition

around the world have various point of view concerning healthy nutrition. But all agree in opinion that it is necessary to have breakfast. For example, nutritionists insist that it is necessary to eat five times pass. Their opinion was even confirmed by scientists from University of Eastern Finland.

For this purpose, to learn the correct formula of food, experts for 12 years watched the state of health 4 tisyach children. For this research they elected children aged from 4 years and watched them up to 16 years. As a result of a research, it became clear that those children who adhere to healthy five times nutrition were healthier. Besides, had the correct body weight. The weight and the state of health of these children were not even influenced by genes.

Experts found out that they a breakfast with a lunch, a dinner and two daily having a snack perfectly help people to keep good weight. However, they insist that it is impossible to miss a breakfast at all. As, it results just in boomerang effect. That is, the refusal of a breakfast promotes only obesity.

Councils of healthy nutrition from experts:

  1. It is necessary to eat properly. It is obligatory that in your diet was, it is as much as possible various products. You have to use various products. All products contain various and distinguishing substances. For example, it is impossible to use only vegetables and fruit at all, at the same time completely to refuse dairy products or meat. They contain useful elements which are surely necessary to your organism. And their deficiency can result in bad condition of your health.
  2. Food should be eaten only in moderate quantities. It is impossible to overeat at all, in not dependence on time. As overeating even at breakfast leads to excess weight. Also, it is impossible to be malnourished at all. It first of all leads to decrease in working capacity and drowsiness. Therefore, follow the rule of golden mean.
  3. It is impossible to break a diet. According to experts, it is necessary to eat at least three times a day. It is the best of all not to take a break between meals more than 4 hours.
  4. Eat only healthy food. Completely refuse junk food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team