Than carbonated drinks are harmful

Than carbonated drinks are harmful

Carbonated drinks are very popular around the world, unfortunately, their frequent use can cause a number of problems with health as dangerous substances are a part of similar drinks.


1. Practically all carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar. For example, the small Coca Cola can contains 8 pieces of sugar. If sugar in large numbers is contraindicated to you, it is better to choose drinks on the basis of its substitutes. The most popular of them is aspartame which doesn't contain carbohydrates 200 times more with pleasure than sugar.

2. Very often caffeine is added to sparkling water, it is considered a soft stimulator of nervous system. However children who consume a lot of caffeine fall asleep worse, uneasier often suffer from a headache and in general. Too large amount of caffeine can break concentration of attention. It should be taken into account that caffeine considerably increases calcium losses that is potentially very dangerous at a stage of formation and growth of an organism.

3. The dye, most widespread in carbonated drinks, a baking plate the name "yellow-5" can cause a number of allergic reactions — from rhinitis and urticaria to bronchial asthma.

4. Carbon dioxide which contains in all similar drinks is harmless in itself. However its presence at liquid increases acidity of juice of a stomach, excites gastric secretion and can provoke a meteorizm.

5. People should refuse carbonated drinks with chronic diseases. Stomach diseases, allergies, excess weight — serious contraindications for consumption of sparkling water as it contains substances which can worsen a condition of an organism or provoke exacerbation of a disease.

6. Unlimited consumption of carbonated drinks can lead to developing of caries as in them there is a lot of sugar. If you forbid the children there are candies to save their teeth, add the list with sparkling water.

7. Experts connect developing of osteoporosis with consumption of carbonated drinks. This state at which bones become very fragile because of a lack of calcium. The fact is that children and teenagers often prefer sparkling water to other drinks which compensate for the calcium deficiency, for example, to kefir or milk. And during active growth approximately from 9 to 18 years the organism has to save up a reserve of calcium which will only be spent further therefore at people who drank a lot of sparkling water at mature age the probability of developing of osteoporosis is rather high.

8. Physicians consider that sparkling water, thanks to a large amount of orthophosphoric acid which is used as a podkislitel promotes formation of stones in kidneys. Therefore at any problems with kidneys first of all it is necessary to exclude carbonated drinks from a diet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team