Than tea tree oil is useful

Than tea tree oil is useful

Admirers of an aromatherapy included tea tree oil in the arsenal for a long time. This light yellow or colourless liquid is received by method of steam distillation from the leaves growing in Australia and Malaysia of trees of a sort of a melaleuk. Anti-virus, bactericidal and antimycotic properties of this essential oil do it by the component suitable for inclusion in structure of medical and hygienic means.

To popular drink with an astringent taste tea tree oil of the relation has no. The evergreen trees belonging to family of myrtaceous are a source of this substance. Their dryish leaves are rich with radio oils with a smell, resembling aroma of camphor. The substance applied in cosmetics and medicine is received from Melaleuca alternifolia plants, by Melaleuca leucadendra and Melaleuca viridiflora.

It was in the mid-twenties of the XX century revealed that tea tree oil considerably surpasses in the effect one of anti-septic tanks most popular at that time, carbolic acid. The substances which are contained in plant leaves are capable to resist to fungal and barmy infections, to influence negatively development of a number of bacteria. Results of researches allowed physicians to use this medicine at treatment of infectious diseases of skin, mouth and nasopharynx.

As a structure component to inhalations tea tree oil is applied at bronchitis, a tonsillitis and sinusitis. Thanks to the antiseptic, expectorant and calming properties of the substances which are contained in melaleuka leaves, medicines with this oil help to clean airways. The tea tree has ability to have wound healing effect, its essential oil apply it at treatment of burns and to neutralization of poisons at stings of insects. This substance kills pain and disinfects an affected area. This medicine and against parasites like scabby pincers and louses is applied. As a part of lotions, creams and shampoos tea tree oil quite effectively helps to get rid of dandruff and acne rash. The popularity of this substance not least is explained by the fact that, unlike synthetic anti-septic tanks, at tea tree oil side effects aren't revealed. However before use of this medicine it is worth carrying out the test and to make sure of lack of individual intolerance. For this purpose a small amount of oil is applied on the back of a wrist and left for an hour. As a rule, the tea tree doesn't cause irritation, but there can be a light reddening of skin. Such reaction is considered normal.

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