We do sweet preparatFruit SandiStrawberry, wild strawberry and apricots very first appear in the market. Time to prepare the first sweet stocks.ions

We do sweet preparatFruit SandiStrawberry, wild strawberry and apricots very first appear in the market. Time to prepare the first sweet stocks.ions

Sassi water - we drink and we lose weight

Sassi water is a useful low-calorie vitamin cocktail which perfectly is suitable for summer. Water received the name from a name of Cynthia Sass, the foundress of cocktail.

It is required to you

  • - 2 liters of pure bottled water
  • - 1 tsps of grated ginger
  • - 1 lemon
  • - 1 cucumber
  • - 10 leaflets of mint


1. At first it is necessary to pour water in a jug.

2. The lemon needs to be cut with thin rings, a cucumber – thin circles. Then to add them to a jug. There to put polished ginger and leaves of mint.

3. Everything carefully to mix and put in the fridge for the night.

4. During the whole next day this cocktail needs to be distributed and drunk evenly, it is desirable in 30 minutes prior to food. It is recommended to drink the main amount of water in the first half of day.

5. Drink very tasty, something is similar to a cucumber brine. It is very easily drunk and, besides, perfectly refreshes during a heat.

Sandi - drink which is cooked on the basis of ice cream or a frozen yoghourt with addition of fruit, syrup, liqueur or nuts. A sort drink from the State of Massachusetts. We will consider several recipes of a prigotvoleniye of fruit Sandi.

It is required to you

  • For apricot Sandi:
  • - 50 ml of a fruit or berry juice;
  • - 50 ml of citrus or berry mousse;
  • - 50 ml of apricot sauce.
  • For apple Sandi:
  • - 2 apples;
  • - 200 ml of apple juice;
  • - 200 g of creamy ice cream.
  • For pineapple Sandi:
  • - 50 g of ice cream;
  • - 20 ml of tea hot lemonade;
  • - pineapple.
  • For banana Sandi:
  • - 50 g of ice cream;
  • - 30 ml of orange juice;
  • - banana.
  • For mango Sandi:
  • - 90 g of ice cream;
  • - 90 ml of juice of mango;
  • - 10 ml of mint syrup.


1. To prepare apricot Sandi, place any fruit or berry juice, mousse and apricot sauce in an ice-cream bowl, without mixing components among themselves.

2. For apple Sandi wash up apples, remove cores, rub on a small grater. Lay out ice cream, grated apples in glasses, pour in juice. It isn't necessary to mix components.

3. For preparation of pineapple drink, put ice cream in a vase, add the crushed fresh pineapple to taste, pour from above in lemonade. It isn't necessary to mix too.

4. For banana Sandi lay creamy ice cream in a vase, from above lay out the bananas cut with thin ringlets, water from above with orange juice.

5. Mango Sandi prepares too easily: on a bottom of an ice-cream bowl put fruit ice cream, from above water with mint syrup, further pour mango juice. Give at once, without mixing.

6. You can decorate ready drinks somehow: cocktail straws, leaves of fresh mint to add ice cubes, etc.

It is required to you

  • Compote apricot with mint (on 6 liters):
  • - apricot of 1 kg;
  • - lemon 1/2;
  • - mint or melissa 1 bunch;
  • - sugar of 3 St.
  • Apricot jam with lemon crusts (on 1-1.5 liters):
  • - apricot of 2 kg;
  • - lemon of 2 pieces;
  • - sugar of 1.5 kg.


1. Apricot with mint Apricots and mint wash out compote. At mint remove leaflets from stalks. Half fill 3-liter jars with fruits, pouring mint leaflets. Fill in up to the top with boiled water, cover with covers and leave for 30 minutes. Put on plastic covers with holes banks and drain all water in one pan, add one more glass of water and sugar, mix that it was up to the end dissolved, and you cook 5 minutes.

2. From the moment of boiling, squeeze out juice of a lemon and you cook 20-30 more seconds. Then fill in with hot syrup banks up to the top, cover with covers and leave for 20 minutes. Later roll up banks, turn upside down and leave so at the room temperature at 1 day. Later remove to the dark cool place.

3. Apricots wash out apricot jam with lemon crusts, remove stones, fill up with a half of sugar and leave for day, then mix and you cook 15 minutes. Remove from fire and cool. Clean lemons, cut a peel in small cubes. Shake up the boiled thoroughly apricots the blender in homogeneous mass, add the remained sugar, mix and you cook on small fire, periodically stirring slowly, about 20 minutes. Add a crust of a lemon and you cook 40 more minutes.

4. Spread out jam on the sterilized jars, close plastic jars and leave at the room temperature for day. On storage remove to the dark place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team