How to get rid of web tick

How to get rid of web tick

The web tick is tiny insect who settles on room or garden plants and eats their juice. If in time to find this wrecker, it is possible to get rid and save plant from him.

It is required to you

  • - water;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - sticks of Plante-Ping;
  • - laundry soap;
  • - alcohol;
  • - means of Akarin.


1. The web tick appears at very dry air and high temperature. This wrecker does not love dampness and moisture therefore the simplest and effective remedy in fight against it – water. Wipe with damp tampon each leaf and stalk of the plant struck with tick. Increase air humidity indoors.

2. To remove the wrecker, wash the struck leaves and stalks with warm soap solution (for its preparation use laundry soap) - it the action will reduce quantity of pincers significantly. Quite often wreckers settle in cracks and slots of wooden window frames from where they repeatedly attack window plants therefore, processing plants, do not forget also about space around them.

3. Process plant alcohol (before starting this operation, carry out the test on one small sheet plate). Remember that alcohol has to lay down thin layer on leaves, thanks to it it will quickly evaporate and will not cause burns.

4. For flowerpot with a diameter up to 9 cm take 1 stick of Plante-Ping, for pot of 9-12 cm – 2 plates, for flowerpot of 12-14 cm – 3 plates (on each additional 3 cm take 1-2 more sticks). Thrust Plante-Ping to the soil (at distance of 2 cm from stalk) and water plant: active ingredient of plate will be dissolved, will get into the soil, and the plant will absorb it by means of root system. Already 2-4 days later means will begin to work (it protects plant from web tick within 6-8 weeks).

5. Get rid of web tick through Akarin. Attentively study the instruction and, following the recommendations provided in it, dissolve medicine in necessary amount of water. Daily spray plant with freshly cooked solution and evenly moisten (on both sides) leaves. If the field tick has lodged on garden plants, spray them only in dry windless weather in the morning or in the evening. Optimum temperature for carrying out such operation from +12 to +25os. Besides do not spray plant before rain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team