Whether vodka is necessary to the person

Whether vodka is necessary to the person

People know long ago that vodka is a traditional drink of the Russian people, and it is difficult to present at least one feast where there would be no this "luxury".

Vodka or "dragon in a glass", and its negative impact on a human body

For a long time antialcoholic war, but human thirst for alcohol is waged, to be exact, to vodka, is much stronger, than the law. Naturally, almost each person knows how this strong alcoholic drink negatively affects a human body, thereby causes various illnesses. Cirrhosis is only a small share of this poison which can develop in the course of the excessive use or inclination.

Vodka very harmful influences a cardiovascular system. Nothing good will leave the excessive use, and finally abuse will lead to a stroke or to a heart attack.

Some people who are fond of this product unanimously claim what the best antidepressant is simply not thought up therefore resort to such solution. But, as far as it was a good point (drinking, the person feels first pleasant feelings, slackness, ease), as a rule, such removed depression is succeeded by aggression, annoyance, anger and also a headache.

Vodka pluses

But as well as all negative, for this harmful product has also positive sides. If to take this drink in normal doses, it is capable not only to warm an organism in case of overcooling and also to expand vessels that too is important in some situations. Also there is a fair amount of tinctures from herbs with addition of alcohol or vodka, promoting full disposal of diseases. Use of alcohol (vodka) on an organism outside, that is external application is especially noticeable. Spirit compresses act as febrifuge and also as disinfectant at wounds, grazes and burns in case near at hand there is nothing more suitable.

Some people prefer to get rid thus of microbes, and the divorced vodka with warm water and soda is perfectly used at temporary elimination of a toothache.

Considering all above, everyone has to solve for himself what influence of vodka on a human body. But it is worth remembering that consumption of vodka at early stages causes draft and in a consequence causes irreparable damage to all bodies and an organism in general therefore it is better to treat this question more seriously. Besides, it is necessary to know when to stop consumption of this strong alcoholic drink.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team