8 vitamins for the best work of memory and a brain and where to look for them"

8 vitamins for the best work of memory and a brain and where to look for them"

Vitamins are necessary for full-fledged healthy human life, for the correct functioning of all its bodies. They are especially important for a brain which directly is responsible for activity of all organism in general. For this reason it needs constantly to be fed with the necessary vitamins for brain activity and memory.

Our brain is considered the major body in an organism, some kind of engine of human activity which is responsible for achievement of objectives and harmonious work of all vital functions. When the brain feels deficiency of nutritious elements, we feel increased fatigue, breakdown, irritability and nervousness appears.

In that case help out elements which the organism receives as a result of the balanced food. They positively influence all organism, improve brain activity, develop memory and abilities to training.

For this reason it is so important to adhere to healthy nutrition to take nutrients from useful products. The amount of the acquired vitamins needs to be controlled as their surplus is also unhealthy, as well as a shortcoming.

Certain vitamin groups and minerals are responsible for development of mind and memory of the person. Let's consider each of them in more detail.

B1 vitamin which also still call thiamine has to be always in enough in brain letka and in nervous system.

  • improvement of activity of memory, ease of storing of information, speed of reaction;
  • reflection of depressions;
  • maintenance of a stable mental state;
  • delay of processes which lead to aging of a brain.

Important! Together with other elements of group B, thiamine takes part in creation of erythrocytes which are responsible for movement of blood and saturation by its oxygen.

  • processes food into energy and keeps it in an organism;
  • improves work of heart and vessels;
  • it is irreplaceable in the course of digestion of glucose;
  • has positive impact on organs of vision, promotes its improvement.

The deficiency can lead B1 in a human body to mental disorders and Korsakov's syndrome. In natural B1 products is in chicken meat, pork, grain, some species of fish, nuts.

Riboflavinum will help to improve brain activity. Spectrum of action of this vitamin very wide:

  • protects eyes from overfatigue;
  • produces hormones of a stress and compensates their lack of result of an overstrain;
  • supplies with energy a cardiovascular system;
  • takes part in emergence of erythrocytes;
  • controls a metabolism;
  • supplies cages with oxygen.

The brain, first of all, suffers from a lack of this component. There is a degradation of its fabrics therefore different types of mental disorders develop.

Besides at the person the appetite vanishes, the weakness, headaches, dermatitis and various inflammations appears.

B2 does not collect in an organism with a stock therefore it is necessary to fill up its contents every day, eating such products as milk, cottage cheese, kefir, meat, grain, cabbage, apricots, mushrooms, nuts, yeast.

Whether you know? For the first time the concept of vitamins appeared in 1912. Kazimir Funk — the Polish biochemist entered it.

Niatsin or RR vitamin — all this names of substance VZ, very important component of our organism. Its main role — ensuring oxidizing and recovery processes of activity and also:

  • control of the correct work of nervous system;
  • increase in brain activity;
  • prevention of migraines;
  • decrease in cholesterol;
  • protection of a warm system, vessels;
  • reduction of risk of development of diabetes, thromboses;
  • healthy influence on digestive tract.

It is possible to fill shortage of a niatsin such products: chicken meat, beef liver, eggs, various vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes), greens, bean, herbs.

This element has a number of functions, useful to the person, from which it is possible to distinguish such:

  • promotes education in a dopamine organism (the hormone which is responsible for pleasures), the adrenaline (coordinating heart rate), the piperidic acid (reducing alarm level);
  • is responsible for development of acetylcholine which consolidates information and improves her storing;
  • controls gomotsistein at which increase in level there can be spasms;
  • strengthens absorption of B12;
  • helps to avoid depressions.

The deficiency of this element results in increased fatigue, memory loss, appearance of insomnia. Memory loss is in certain cases possible.

With B6 vitamin milk, eggs, potatoes, meat of a turkey, seafood, spinach, carrots, such species of fish as a trout and a salmon are rich.

B12 is one of basic elements of group B which are so important for brain food. He is responsible for such processes:

  • development of blood bodies for transfer of oxygen to fabrics;
  • synthesis of proteins;
  • production of fatty acids;
  • improvement of short-term memory and speed of thinking.

Important! The lack of a kobalamin increases risk of developing of Alzheimer's disease, carelessness, sharp differences of mood.

This vitamin is especially important for mind and development of memory for school students who should master a lot of information during training. For completion of B12 level in an organism, it is recommended to use more beauty of fish, various seafood, chicken meat, eggs and dairy products.

Ascorbic acid is antioxidant, important for the person. It is difficult to overestimate its influence on an organism as it:

  • protects from stresses and age changes;
  • does not allow to develop to Parkinson and Alzheimer's diseases;
  • increases immunity and struggles with diseases of catarrhal character;
  • reduces risk of appearance of heart troubles;
  • lowers a possibility of development of cancer of brain.

Except all this "antiscorbutic vitamin" promotes digestion of iron which also improves attention and memory of the person. The unofficial name of this vitamin — "natural antidepressant" appeared because ascorbic acid is responsible for feeling of happiness, raising serotonin in blood. As a result we feel in high spirits.

Also as a result of the conducted researches proved that vitamin C increases the IQ level, and thus is the most suitable vitamin for school students for improvement of their memory and attention at the age of 7-12 years (though, of course, the benefit can be derived from it at any age).

This component can be received from oranges, lemons, a kiwi, pineapples, strawberry, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli.

  • protection of cages against damages;
  • strengthening of immunity;
  • correct fibrillation;
  • aging delay;
  • production of hormones;
  • protection of vessels and capillaries.

In high doses vitamin E is in vegetable oils.

  • memory impairment;
  • violation of work of heart and blood supply of a brain;
  • decrease in level of blood bodies;
  • violation of work of immunoglobulins.

For the correct brain activity vitamin D is simply irreplaceable. This component has a number of good points:

  • improves memory;
  • increases motivation;
  • makes active intellectual opportunities;
  • helps to get rid of a depression;
  • improves a condition of patients with multiple sclerosis.

The deficiency of this element in a human body can provoke emergence of cognitive violations.

Whether you know? At long stay of bananas under the influence of sunshine, in them vitamin D content increases.

For today there is a wide range of various complexes and additives for improvement of work of a brain and memory of the person. Medicines can be picked up individually, besides depending on age: small children up to 5 years, school students, students, adults.

We advise to learn what properties such vitamins as have: B5, K, B13, B15, B10, N, B8

Need of a children's organism for nutrients appears in the first days of life. Timely receipt of all necessary elements promotes formation of memory of the child, increase in the general I.Q. and also protection of an organism against various irritants and viruses.

Distinctive feature of children's additives is their form of release. Mainly it is chewing pastils or sweet syrups.

  • VitaMishka in the form of the chewing candies containing vitamins A, B, C, D, E, folic acid — all components which feed a brain. Besides calcium, iodine, zinc, magnesium are a part and there is no preservative. Medicine is allowed for application since one year;
  • "Multi-Tabs" also in the form of gelatinous tablets with natural tastes of berries which are so loved by children. In structure the same necessary vitamins and additional substances which intensify development of thinking and the correct formation of brain activity of kids;
  • Jungle. Beta carotene, group of B1-B6, B12, D and C vitamins, magnesium, zinc, iodine, iron — the main components which are responsible for full development of a children's organism aged from 1 year up to 5 years;
  • Vitrum Circus is appointed to children since two years for increase in protective functions of an organism, strengthening of immunity, formation of red blood cells and also the correct development of nervous system.

In time the received nutrients positively affect development of mental capacities of children and teenagers. The activity of a brain which obviously distinguishes such children from peers increases. The school students and students accepting vitamin supplements differ from other children:

  • the developed intelligence;
  • ease of the solution of any tasks;
  • fast development of information;
  • attentiveness.

Choosing vitamins for school students and students, and not knowing what of them it is better, it is worth preferring as those medicines which are made on natural components without addition of dyes and sweeteners. Also the preference should be given to additives which as much as possible contain vitamins for active work of a brain and memory.

  • "Pikovit" (for children of 6-8 years — "Pikovit Omega-3", from 9 years — "Pikovit-Forte"). Promotes adaptation to study and necessary loadings, strengthens memory, develops brain activity;
  • VitaMishka are equally useful both to school students, and to teenagers. Increase physical endurance, stimulate brain activity, develop memory. The dosage is selected according to age;
  • "Alphabet" is appointed from school age as this medicine increases the general operability of an organism, helps to overcome easier psychological loadings, enhances attention;
  • "Vitrum-Unior" (7-14 years) and "Vitrum-Tineyger" (from 12 to 18 years);

All these complexes are well transferred by children, have no artificial additives, do not render side effects. Perfectly affect work of a brain thanks to existence of the main components of group B and vitamins C, E, and others.

Important! At intake of any vitamins, surely it is necessary to watch the correct dosage.

At adult and mature age for improvement of brain activity and memory it is necessary to take the vitamin drugs surely. They will help to restore the necessary balance of elements in an organism and also to cope with loadings. It is better to accept vitamins for improvement of memory and work of a brain as the adult as a part of complexes.

  • Vitrum-Memori. Medicine possesses complex action, in its structure there are all components of vitamins of group B which are responsible for trouble-free operation of a brain and good memory;
  • "Active day" – the formula for men, perfectly supports in a tone a brain and an organism in general. The main plants and vitamins which are necessary for maintenance of active living position are a part of medicinal additive;
  • Forever Ginkgo Plus is the nutritional supplement created on the basis of a popular fruit of a ginkgo of a bilob with the purpose to prevent processes of aging at an early stage and also for memory improvement to people of middle and advanced age. As a result of reception of this means the brain food blood improves that positively affects short-term and long memory. Also Raysha's mushroom and a plant of a fo-ta is a part;
  • Griffoniya improves the general state, helps with fight against a depression. Medicine is based on a full complex of vitamins B and a plant of tropical origin a griffoniya. It optimizes work of the central nervous system, improves brain functions and also favors to a healthy sleep;
  • Orthomol Mental is suitable for people who experience daily big intellectual strain, are often subject

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