How quickly and easily to fall asleep?

How quickly and easily to fall asleep?

the modern world, many have insomnia. A constant stress, tension, a depression, addictions food – all this only is also harmful and promotes insomnia. Therefore, insomnia is not surprise for doctors any more.

Ways which will help you to fall asleep:

  • The most effective way from a bessonitsa is a schitaniye of pulse. Many experts agree in opinion that people are not able to count even to hundred. As, begin to fill up at once. But, if you already counted to hundred and all of you equally do not sleep, then count up to three hundred.
  • Some doctors agree in opinion that the dream depends on certain hormones. Sleep hormone is a melatonin. This hormone works as sedative, that is sleepy means for an organism. Besides, has the rejuvenating and antioxidant properties. At the same time, also strengthens the immune system. And, above all struggles with malignant tumors. To raise melatonin quite really. For this purpose, it is necessary to use certain products only.

Products which will replace to you sleeping pill:

  • Bananas contain sleep hormone. Therefore if you cannot fall asleep in the evening, then eat banana. Plus to all this, bananas also contain magnesium and potassium which perfectly relax muscles and stabilize mood.
  • Sweet cherries and cherries affect an organism not less effectively, than bananas. They contain huge amount of melatonin. For this purpose, that you had an excellent dream, it is necessary to eat before going to bed only a handful vishen or chereshen.
  • Milk is considered ideal sleeping pill. And especially drunk with honey. Plus milk also perfectly affects mentality of each person.
  • Perfectly boryatsya with insomnia: cedar and almonds, meat of a turkey and whole-grain bread.
  • Also, you will be helped also by glucose. The main thing be not fond it. For a good dream it is enough only a small amount. The excessive use affects an organism in opposite effect.

Also tea from a camomile will help you to fall asleep. Among all sedatives the camomile wins first place. It perfectly works as sleeping pill.

Not bad also porridge helps. It not only satisfies feeling of hunger, but the main thing calms. And it leads to fast falling asleep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team