Recipes of rejuvenation, or Effect of vitamin A on face skin

Recipes of rejuvenation, or Effect of vitamin A on face skin

The appearance of the woman in many respects is defined by a condition of skin of her face. Therefore it is no wonder that one of the main directions of cosmetology is its maintenance in an appropriate look or improvement of its state for what vitamin A is quite often used. Let's understand, than it is useful.

Characteristic of vitamin

Vitamin A call the whole group of substances, similar in the action, so-called retinoids. But usually mean A1 vitamin by this name, it is Retinolum.

This substance not only has positive impact on face skin, it is important also for the normal state of hair, sight, bones, the immune system. In pure form vitamin is unstable therefore it is used in the form of connections — Retinolum acetate or Retinolum palmitate.

Whether you know? In a year the human body develops about two billion skin cells. Full replacement of all cages happens during from 60 to 80 days.

Influence on skin

Retinolum is widely applied in various skin care products. It possesses anti-inflammatory action, supports and restores skin tissues, accelerating processes of its regeneration, improves its blood circulation, increases resistance to negative external impacts, reduces production of skin fat, promotes production of collagen.

We recommend to you to esteem about impact of vitamin E and essential oils on face skin.

Indications to application

This substance promotes smoothing of wrinkles, elimination of dryness, peeling and flabbiness of skin and also further maintenance of its elasticity and healthy color. Not bad it copes also with puffiness.

Retinolum helps to cope with such diseases as a couperosis (disease of vessels of skin) and an acne (the inflammatory process which is followed by a rash of eels and pimples). It is used and for elimination of roughness of an integument.

Where to take vitamin A

Natural products, and various medicinal and cosmetology medicines which are on sale in drugstores can be a source of vitamin A both. It can be applied outwardly or inside.

Whether you know? At the surface of skin constantly there are useful microorganisms which help to struggle with various infections. Therefore its excessive sterility can even do much harm to the person.

Products sources

Carrots and also such vegetables as pumpkin, sweet pepper, spinach, parsley, onions are rich with Retinolum. It contains and in various leguminous cultures. From fruit and berries it is possible to note peaches, grapes, a sea-buckthorn, watermelon. There is this substance and in a guelder-rose, a dogrose, a magnolia vine and even in a laminaria alga.

From proteinaceous products the best source of vitamin are the liver and cod-liver oil. In significant amounts it also contains in eggs and dairy products.

Pharmaceutical forms

In drugstores it is possible to buy vitamin A in ampoules, capsules, in the form of oily solution. It can be as the only active agent in medicines, and to be a part of vitamin and mineral complexes.

Instruction for application of masks and creams

The masks and creams containing Retinolum are put just as other cosmetic masks and creams. For obtaining the greatest effect of this procedure it is necessary to follow some rules.

How to apply to skin

Before external application of a mask or cream it is necessary to prepare skin. It is the best of all not to be limited to its simple cleaning (rinsing by water), and to use a hot compress or a steam bath to steam out a face then to use a srub.

Learn as it is correct to choose water for washing.

Then it is necessary to rinse a face with cool water or grass broth. Vitamin face cream or a mask is applied to moist skin, the easy sliding movements.

These means should be put on so-called skin lines: from the center of a chin to ear lobes, from mouth corners to a middle part of an ear, from an upper lip to the top part of an ear, from a nose bridge to a nose tip.

Important! It is not necessary to take a bath with the put mask as sweating will interfere with absorption of useful substances in skin.

The caused structure is held on a face of 15 minutes to half an hour then wash a face with clear water or grass broth. It is better to carry out the procedure approximately for an hour to a dream.

Popular house recipes

There are many simple recipes for a mask for face skin on the basis of liquid vitamin A in house conditions. Some of them are given below.

Add ten drops of oily Retinolum to contents of a teaspoon of juice of an aloe and a tablespoon of nutritious cream for the person. All this carefully mixes up. The mask is maintained on a face by no more than 20 minutes. Olive oil in volume of one tablespoon, preferably cold extraction, mixes up with contents of one ampoule of vitamin A. This mix is put on a face by a cotton pad and twenty minutes are maintained. The structure leaves cosmetic wipes without washing of the person.

The cottage cheese tablespoon (it is better low-fat) and tablespoon of sour cream are mixed, add 10 drops of oil Retinolum there and again mixed. Mix needs to be put on a face directly after preparation. It is kept from 15 to 20 minutes then is removed water.

Important! It is recommended before the first use of cosmetics on the basis of vitamin A to check compatibility of the organism with this substance. For this purpose it is enough to drip pure substance on a hand. If there is no reddening or an itch, such means can be used fearlessly.


Except individual intolerance this substance cannot be applied at injuries of skin with bleedings or at the suppurating wounds. Carefully it should be applied to women during pregnancy or feeding by a breast — in that case it is necessary to consult with the doctor. It is also necessary to remember that the surplus of this substance in an organism is so undesirable, as well as a shortcoming therefore they should not sate the organism excessively. In conclusion it is possible to tell that vitamin A plays an important role in formation of healthy skin.

Besides, it promotes treatment of some skin diseases. Application of cosmetology means on the basis of this substance improves and rejuvenates skin, at the same time such means, except exceptional cases of contraindications, are absolutely safe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team