As it is correct and beautiful to cut watermelon

As it is correct and beautiful to cut watermelon

Huge sweet berry — watermelon — it is unconditional, it is loved both by children, and adults. Besides that its juicy pulp, bright red with black sunflower seeds, differs in just excellent taste, it can become also the real decoration of table. But for this purpose, of course, it is necessary to know how it is correct to cut watermelon.

Ways of cutting of watermelons exists dozens. Further we will consider the most popular and simple techniques.

Traditional way

Most often watermelons cut as follows:

  • cut off both "buttocks" at berry;
  • put watermelon on plate vertically;
  • cut it on not too wide segments.

In this case on the center of watermelon there is very sweet, deprived of stones, core. It is given most often to children. Such way of cutting is considered traditional and differs in the maximum simplicity. However there are such segments of watermelon, unfortunately, not too conveniently. Water-melon juice in this case in the course of food often begins to flow on chin and hands. Anyway, for example, of holiday table this way of cutting, of course, is not suitable for laying at all.

We cut watermelon beautifully on cubes

In order that there is pulp of this sweet berry it was convenient, it is worth trying to cut it in cubes. The way is considered the simplest and fast. Watermelon in this case so is cut:

  • pulp it is rinded (like potato);
  • watermelon is cut on two parts.

Further one of half needs to be laid on plate and to cut at first on strips lengthways. Then each strip should be cut also lengthways on two or three parts. Further pulp is just separated into cubes. The same should be made also with the soulmate of watermelon. The turned-out cubes need to be laid in plate. Is them it is possible both fork, and spoon.

Watermelon segments on crust

Now let's look how it is correct to cut watermelon by such technique. It is less simple, but at the same time and more beautiful way of cutting. In order that tax on table watermelon on crust:

  • cut it on four equal parts;
  • cut each quarter on two parts;
  • accurately separate from crust pulp, trying not to break them;
  • cut pulp on strips of identical width (along each piece).

Now place the cut pieces back in crusts, place them in chessboard order and serve watermelon on table.

As it is correct to cut watermelon: treugolnichka

It is also very easy way of cutting. In this case watermelon at first is cut across, and then just cut on traditional segments. As a result also appetizing treugolnichka turn out. At such way it is necessary to try to cut watermelon on thinner segments of absolutely identical thickness. In this case treugolnichka will look on table very beautifully.

"Ice cream" from watermelon

This way very well will be suitable for the big company. To make "ice cream" of watermelon, it needs to be cut at first on two halves. Further each half:

  • peel;
  • stack on board the flat party down;
  • cut on several strips up and down.

As a result long water-melon columns will turn out. To make of them "ice cream", the half of watermelon cut thus should be covered with big cup (it is necessary to try to pick up capacity with diameter equal to diameter of half) and to invert it. Thus columns will appear in plate. Now in each of them it is necessary just to thrust thin stick.

Watermelon without peel balls

It is possible to cut watermelon in such beautiful way by means of special spoon-nauzetki. Berry should be separated previously into two parts. Instead of nauzetka it is possible to use also normal molds for roasting. With their help it will be simple to cut watermelon including on asterisks, hearts and so forth.

What to do if there is no knife?

Sometimes it happens so that watermelon near at hand is, and there is no knife —. To too extended similar situation, of course, it is impossible to carry. But you never know what happens in life. So, how to cut watermelon without knife? In this case it is possible just to use coin or, for example, clean tack. By means of these simple "tools" it is necessary just to cut through crust on the center for diameter of watermelon. Further it is necessary to hit berry hard palm. As a result it will break up to two equal parts. There is watermelon "cut" in this way it is possible spoon.

Surprise guests: original way

So, we have found out how it is correct to cut watermelon. Finally let's consider also one more - very original - cutting technique. To surprise guests, in this case not one is required, but two watermelons.

One of berries should be cut on two half. Further it is necessary to remove pulp from each half. It can be cut on cubes and to set aside aside. 

From the second watermelon it is necessary to cut off crust carefully. Pulp upon termination of this procedure needs to be rubbed the rigid party of new scouring sponge. It is necessary to remove knife traces. Further pulp just is established in one of crusts from the first watermelon and the second is covered.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team