Choice of plate: gas or electric?

Choice of plate: gas or electric?

Both on gas, and on the electric stove it is possible to cook food equally well. However when choosing so difficult device as plate, it is necessary to know some features which are characteristic of models, running on gas or from electricity.

Regardless of power supply, all plates initially can be divided into self-supporting and built in. The last option is used more often for design reasons. The built-in models are more expensive (apart from difficulties at installation). Self-supporting will cost cheaper, besides there is always possibility of the choice of the model corresponding to the general style of your kitchen. By the form the used energy of plate subdivide into electric, gas or combined.


The first version of electric stoves is considered classical and is the panel with several rings pancakes. The similar device costs rather not much, however on it to cook food longer, rings long heat up, long cool down. The classical option is usually equipped with temperature regulators, the timer.

The second option – the glass-ceramic plates which by right are considered as product of the 21st century. These devices have big heat conductivity, have the high level of safety. Flexible TEN in the form of spiral on the basis from asbestos enters design of such plate. The glass ceramics is distinguished by the high heatpolarizing properties; i.e. it "releases" warmly up, without heating space around. Glass-ceramic plates can be equipped with rings of three types: - slow motion: heating provides the heated spiral; - halogen: heating is made by means of the halogen lamp; - induction: heating happens thanks to electromagnetic field (in this case the special ware having the magnetized body is necessary). On the speed of cooking of electric stove with glass ceramics are comparable with gas, however the glass ceramics is not scratched, ware on it costs more steadily, and care for surface – minimum.

Gas, combined

It is simpler to choose and buy gas-fire, - on design they are approximately identical. Difference only in convenience of use. Once you note such important function, gas control. This option allows to turn off immediately supply of gas at the gone-out flame. The system of protection can be applied only to rings, only to oven or to all devices at once. Other necessary function – electroignition. There are two of its versions: normal (manual, working when pressing the button) and automatic. Composite panels belong so far to discharge of exotic products in which usually one electric ring plus three gas (or 2х2). The similar device can be necessary where there are interruptions in gas, electricity. Also at when choosing any plate pay attention to set of accessories; for example, the baking sheet is small or deep, their quantity can reach the 3rd. If it is supposed to prepare shish kebab, then the spit is required; however, not each oven on it is calculated.

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