Cultivation of seedling of cucumbers

Cultivation of seedling of cucumbers

Each gardener wishes to receive full-fledged harvest from the work. That the spent time was not in vain, it is necessary to know various secrets of cultivation of plants. Today we will open sacraments of seedling of cucumbers. Having recognized them and having applied, receive harvest of cucumbers enviable.


1. Having bought seeds of cucumbers, check them for viability. Dissolve in half of glass of water 1/3 of teaspoon of salt. Lower seeds in solution and well stir. Full-fledged sunflower seeds will fall by glass bottom, remained on surface and there are unsuitable.

2. Further carry out disinfecting of seeds. Place them for 15-20 minutes in potassium permanganate solution, i.e. on 100 milliliters of water 0.5-1 grams of margantsovokisly potassium are required. Having performed this procedure, you will secure seeds against peronosporoz. Having taken out them from solution, wash out in normal water.

3. Finally to make sure of quality of seeds, they need to be placed in wet piece of fabric for prorashchivaniye. It is important to create greenhouse conditions, then in 2-3 days the best seeds will arise.

4. In case you are going to plant seeds of cucumbers in soil, then they need to be tempered. For this purpose the fridge is required. Leave the bulked-up seeds in cold for 30-40 hours.

5. Do not forget, seedling of cucumbers badly transfers changes. Therefore it is the most correct to plant cucumbers on seedling in separate pots. Fill them with nutritious mix, seed two seeds in each pot. You contain tanks at temperature of 25-28 degrees, having covered them with film. Water for watering use only warm. When there are shoots, remove the second, excess sprout. Pay attention, the plant does not need to be pulled not to damage the next root. It is enough to cut off of it knife.

6. For further cultivation of cucumbers the air temperature should be reduced by 5-7 degrees. In these conditions seedling will not be extended. Create to landings good lighting. Do not allow drafts indoors with seedling.

7. It is possible to plant plants when there are 2-3 dark green full-fledged leaves, and the root system will fill pot. Good seedling has stocky appearance. In 7 days prior to carrying out of seedling temper it. Take indoors at temperature of 16-18 degrees of heat.

8. Preparation of seedling lasts 20-25 days. Further it can be landed to the greenhouse. To the open ground land under film at the beginning of May. The beginning of June – time for landing in soil without shelters.

9. Holes for seedling of cucumbers are prepared in advance. Bring manure, humus, the earth in them. Planting cucumbers, do not deepen subcotyledonous knee of plant. After watering powder with the dry earth. Fertilizing it is better to carry out extra root, it is necessary to do it in warm days, but not in sunny weather. Urea solution which should be sprayed in the evening will approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team