Electrics in wooden house

Electrics in wooden house

The tree remains the most demanded material for construction of individual houses. At all the advantages wood possesses one essential shortcoming – buildings from it are not too reliable in terms of fire safety. One of the factors capable to lead to the fire, the electrical wiring is. To minimize risk of ignition, electrical wirings in wooden house should be mounted in a certain way.

Features of electrics of wooden house

The considerable number of the registered ignitions in wooden houses happens on failure cause of electric wiring or wrong use of electric devices. Most often it is necessary to deal with insulation fault of wires and the subsequent short circuit. It occurs at inadmissible increase in load of house network or at mechanical damages of wiring.

Owners of wooden houses and baths quite often lay electrical wiring of the hidden type on the wooden bases, stacking it for covering of walls and ceiling, in emptiness of overlappings. It is made of the best reasons, the buried wiring is not evident and gives to the house more attractive look.

It is necessary to know that it is not recommended to lay in the house the buried wiring on wood structures at all. Violation of this rule can lead to the fire.

In the course of laying of electrical wirings in wood structure it is possible to break easily cable insulation that is difficult to be revealed at control measurements in ready network. When all electric equipment is connected, wiring begins to work in the mode of maximum load. It most often leads to overheating of cable, isolation strength reduction, to short circuit and ignition of wood.

The correct mounting of electrical wiring in wooden house

For the correct mounting of the buried wiring in wooden house it is the best of all to use metal pipes. To protect design from possible corrosion, pipes should be taken only copper, zinced or painted. On the ends of pipes there have to be special plastic stubs protecting wires from sharp edges of metal and facilitating distributing. The pipe keeps within wall with small bias that provides condensate removal.

Metal pipes for wiring keep within special canals or deepenings in wall.

The described mounting mode of electrics possesses shortcoming: it needs to be planned for stages of construction of wooden house. It is much simpler to carry out electrical wirings of open type. At such way the cable drags on in flexible corrugated pipe from special plastic which is not subject to burning. Depending on tube thickness it is possible to bring two to it or even several cables. The esthetic type of open wiring in corrugated pipe, of course, leaves much to be desired. It is possible to correct situation if to lay wires in special plastic box, resistant to ignition. Such box have the convenient latched covers facilitating access to communications if there is need to repair or replace wire. In old houses it is quite often possible to meet the simplified type of open laying of electrical wires on the insulators attached to wooden wall. Though the wire at the same time is also visible, but such mounting allows to observe requirements of electrical safety. The originality of wiring of this kind does it popular among fans of retro style recently.

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